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July 1, 2011 marked the beginning of the 40 days Love Singapore 2011 campaign. It ends today on August 9 2011 when Christians from many denominations in Singapore will come together to pray on Singapore’s National Day, for the government and people of Singapore.

Quote from the Love Singapore handbook entitled the Eleventh Hour:

Twenty-Eleven is a year of reckoning. That’s not foresight. It’s hindsight. The stunning events of the past six months confirm it.: The Arab uprising. The killing of al-Qaeda’s top leaders. The arrest of the two men suspected of the genocides in Rwanda and Bosnia.The indictment of the IMF chief for sexual assault. The exposure of a New York congressman who tweeted lewd pictures of himself. Just to name a few. God is settling accounts suddenly and severely.
Twenty-Eleven has seen an alarming increase in natural disasters: the earthquake, tsunami, and meltdown in Japan, monster tornadoes and floods in the USA, wildfires and volcanoes in Europe and Americas, and the worse droughts to hit Africa, Europe, and China in decades, the E-coli outbreak in Germany. How many more disasters must strike before we see the last grains of sand sifting through the hour glass? Crisis demands response.
We are living through an Eleventh-Hour moment in history. The world as we know it is coming to an end. God is tipping scales, turning tables, testing hearts. God is writing on your wall. Are you reading the signs? This is no time to be half-hearted or faint-hearted. Our redemption (or retribution) draws near. Astonishingly, this is the theme of the majority of Jesus’ parables.

Parables are pray-ables. They are about as close as you can get to the mind of Christ. The stories He told address our times as they did His. They not only comfort and console, they also confront and convict. Rightly read, they read us. They expose our secrets and bring us to our knees. They warn us to wise up to the Midnight Hour. the way to be ready then is to get ready now. All is at stake. Fast and pray. Watch and wait. Unquote.

The call to prayer for Singapore today reads:

Governance in the 21st century has become a truly complicated enterprise. As Singapore becomes more and more inter-connected with the rest of the world, there will be a greater plurality of views and voices. The ups and downs of the economic cycle may become sharper and increase the divide between rich and poor. A better educated populace will also come to expect a great deal more from the government. It is time for the Church to take seriously its responsiblity to pray for those in authority.

  • Repent for not praying enough, and for taking God, our nation, and public servants for granted. Ask God to help us honour where honour is due. Receive the grace to pray. Ask God for the gift of words that flow from a heart of love.
  • As citizens, we can disagree with an imperfect government without dishonoring and demeaning. Repent for any disrespectful remarks or petty complaints you have made in private or in public against any national leader.
  • Invite the Sovereign Lord to come preside over Singapore’s political system and succession so that her legacy of good governance and good international standing will go on for one generation to the next.
  • Ask God to bless Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, the Cabinet, and Members of Parliament with exceptional wisdom and courage balanced with compassion, to do the right things for Singaporeans and for the right reasons – not for selfish gains, ego, or votes.
  • Pray for unity in this critical time of national transition.
  • Pray for Christian Members of Parliament to make a powerful impact through their wise words and wise deeds.

May the Lord bless Singapore and grant it many more blessed years of fruitful spiritual and developmental progress and that many more in Singapore and the nearby regions will come to the saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ through Singapore and her people’s testimony. Amen.

Join Singaporeans as we sing our National Anthem in Malay (with English translation) and breathe a prayer for your country and leaders as well that there will be peace and continued religious freedom in our lands.


Here are Singapore’s National Anthem  and Singapore’s National Pledge (for information of non-Singaporean readers of ChristianBlessings) –  to galvanise the peoples of various heritage into one nation.


Thank You  Jesus for Your hand  upon Singapore. May it never turn against You for in turning itself against You it will endanger the very existence of our city state and invite the forces of evil that jealously would take over and ruin us. Amen.

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