Dim Sum – If you go in Jesus’ Name

Working - Window Washer

Image by Bob Jagendorf via Flickr

Work must pay well, look good and be smooth-sailing. That is the concept of many youth today. Yes, they would not work if there is no wealth or fame  or if it is too tough and there is  overtime.

However, the call of God could take you where no one knows nor sees. It could take you to difficult strenuous work in environments most hostile.
To the Lord what is important is that we go in Jesus’ Name, that we trust and obey and are faithful and consistent in our testimony. .

Are you in a “small” job for the Lord? Do others look down on you or not think much of you?
Fret not, nor feel discouraged even  if there are no seeming financial  returns  or success in the form of new converts.

What you have could be much in the Lord’s sight if He sent you there without fanfare and He knows that you can influence more people there than all the riches of this world. He wants you to go in Jesus’ name.

So when He calls, go
When He says come, come
It is much when God is in it
So follow Him today.

And be encouraged. Go in Jesus’ Name.

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1 Response to Dim Sum – If you go in Jesus’ Name

  1. secretangel says:

    Amen…Wow. I just made the statement that every step that I take will be for Jesus.. then I opened this link. Praise God.

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