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There is a song that says joy is like the rain. It comes across our windowpane and then goes away again. When joy comes knocking at our window we can reach out and let it in. Joy comes to us in many ways- through deep laughter, through games played together in a spirit of fun and sharing. Singing together, skating, and being around campfire are all ways we share joy. Yet joy can also be felt alone. Each moment of joy we reach for strengthens our spirit. Joyful memories can sustain us through days of long hard work. Like rain, joy comes and goes; yet its nourishment keeps our spirit alive.

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3 Responses to Joy

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  2. ptl2010 says:

    Children sing – I am jumping for joy

    Joy, joy my heart is full of joy,
    Joy, joy my heart is full of joy,
    My Saviour dear is ever near
    That’s the reason why
    My heart is full of joy.

    Jesus is first
    Others are in between and
    Yourself is last
    there is JOY!

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