That First Step of Trusting God!

tissue paper flowers

Image by @heylovedc via Flickr

Many of our fears are tissue paper-thin, and a single courageous step would carry us clear through them.

Brendan Francis

There was a huge slide at the park and Jason was afraid to go on it. There were so many steps to climb to reach the top. All of his friends were climbing up the steps and yelling as they came down the long rolling slide.

“Come on,” said his friend Steve. “It’s lots of fun!”

“Isn’t it scary?” asked Jason.

“A little bit,” answered Steve, “but you get used to it.” He ran off to go again.

Jason walked to the steps of the slide, his heart pounding in his chest, remembering the teachers word at the Sunday school; “no matter where you are and what you are doing ask God to direct and protect your step, and let Him guide you forward  , whispering quietly: “God I am trusting you.”and  Powered by that assurance,  Slowly he placed his  foot on the first step and lifted himself up. Courageously he climbed the ladder. When he reached the high platform he felt as if he were standing on top of the world.

We can learn from Jason that by trusting God completely to take that first step, we can experience many exciting and wonderful things. We have all done it before, trusting God; on the slide, on a bicycle, in school. Why not again?

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6 Responses to That First Step of Trusting God!

  1. ptl2010 says:

    And the Lord said “Let go! for I give my angels charge over thee.”

  2. wdednh says:

    There was rock climber, who started climbing the tallest moutain. About 6000 feet high! Half way up and totally tired and about to let go of his hand hold on the rock, he remembered God, and called on him for help. As he was hugging on the montain God appeared behind him, and said what can I do for you? The rock climber answered: “Please hep me I’m about to let go and fall and die!” God Smiled and said ” Son let go of your hold and grab my hands.” The Climber thought for a few seconds, then stretched his neck over where God was, and asked “Is there any one else out there?”

  3. ptl2010 says:

    Amen! and there are challenges every day for each of God’s children around the world. It is the norm! and when we know it and take that necessary step, every time He comes right along and empowers us. Take that first step ’cause He is right there with us! Feel and know His power. Blessings to all who choose to take that first step today. Praise the Lord.

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