When Did Sin Begin ?

I believe that we will all count it as Eve’s first act of rebellion in the garden. R.C.Sproul observes, in his book “What’s in the Bible”, the following; “The tension in this moment and Eve’s struggle to obey are played out on almost every page of Scripture from this point forward. Who will rule, God or man? Will mankind seek autonomy or will he submit to the authority of God? Will man serve God or will he pursue personal power, selfish purposes, and sensual desire? Whose word will prevail?

The choice, offered by Jesus is to abort, turn around, and leave our stuff right there in the middle of the road, retrace our step to that oh so invitational entrance and take a right.

Who would be there but God and His Word; His solitary and totally reliable map which traces the destination to His Heart, defined by Christ’s blood.

Why did He then give us choices? Ultimately it must have been that He wanted us to have an opportunity to grow based upon weighing the difference between our own understandings and His.

As it is with any father, He has prescribed “the way”.
In Mar: 7/13 He described them emphatically; the Narrow Gate, and the Wide one. We are tempted daily with the choice of which one we will enter. One that embodies, along with the primrose path of ease and comfort; and the unfortunate commitment to the idea announced by the Sinatra song ” I did it my way”. All of which clearly promises life without recrimination, to which we give much applause as a brave and triumphant course.

This option narrowly promises destruction, though some assume not by death, but withdrawal of all that is precious and eternal. Is that not enough to lose?

Thus, we are all challenged, perhaps not so simply defined, with even the simplest decision. While we gloried in the open door policy of much of mankind, we entered the broad gate for a time, struggling with our baggage, large and small piled upon the huge cart in tow, not knowing our destination. We maneuver through the dense traffic of those similarly burdened; no purpose, no map, no GPS.

Let’s do it His way.


About 4hispraise

I am quite simply a child of our Lord God. What good that I have done or may do, I pray will reflect solely on the presence of The Holy Spirit who speaks for me in all things.
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5 Responses to When Did Sin Begin ?

  1. 4hispraise says:

    I love it. That is what blogging is all about. Sometimes titles can get us into trouble. Here it was the first sentence that presumes that “We all count that it began with Eve.”; There is no ‘We all.” in much of anything, as you so tactfully point out, Eve did not “invent” sin.. She was just a conduit for what already existed. Thank you for reminding me that I may have skipped a few very important pages.in Sproul’s book. One of which said; ” Like you and me, Eve was challenged to live out her days under God’s law or face death for a false freedom, the only kind of freedon that Satan can offer; Unfortunately, Eve failed the test for very familiar reasons.”.

  2. rickroehm says:


    Sin began way before Eve was created. The Bible says sin was found in the heart of Lucifer…who beguiled Eve in the Garden of Eden. Eve was perfect in creation but thus sinned against God in the Garden after the Serpent tempted her. God cursed the Earth and the human family as a result.

    God’s curse upon the human family from Adam and Eve…was an inherited fallen state of being. The curse of the Fall was that humanity would be “tainted” with sin from conception. Man’s perfect holiness, perfect obedience, and perfect righteousness from Creation…was lost in the Fall through the curse of God. Man was no longer in harmony with the Creator from creation. Humanity brought forth man’s need for redemption. Humanity was no longer Eternally right or Eternally alive in the eyes of God but “polluted with sin” from birth. Fallen and depraved better describes inherited sin within the heart of man which stemmed from the Original Sin.

    Man’s Original Sin was found in Adam and Eve but sin existed in the serpent before the creation of man. Today, as a result of the inherited sin that came from the curse… human choice is swayed by sin. The human will is governed by inherited sin. The nature of man is controlled by sin. That’s why the Bible teaches that unsaved men are “servants or slaves” to sin. Here’s an example: An unsaved man can intend to do right but leaves Jesus out of the picture. In the eyes of God this man is still wrong even though his intentions were right in his own eyes. Why? Inherited sin caused this man to miss Christ as a means of redemption from sin. Behind the human will is sin. The human will, the human choices, and the human decisions of man are controlled by sin.

    The only thing that rids man of sin (I speak of the sin nature and sinful conduct) is Christ. When Christ comes in… the human will is broken. As a matter of fact the human will must be broken before Christ comes in. After Christ comes in the human will is crushed completely. The result? Godly choices and Godly decisions. No more conflict! No more struggle. Surrendered because the white flag went up. The tainted will must be broken and crushed.

    Bought for a price. Glorify God in your body and Spirit…which are His. Totally given.

    With love,
    Rick Roehm

    • ptl2010 says:

      Sin was first bred in Lucifer and it began to impact mankind first with Eve. We need to clarify – So was it first ever? in Lucifer. Was it first among mankind? in Eve.

      The most important issue is we must make choices for or against God which will impact not only our own lives but others as well.

      Thanks UM and Rick for sharing on such am important issue.

      • rickroehm says:

        Beautiful discussion because when sin began in humanity God cursed the Devil, the earth, and man… in hIs first promise of Christ. Gen. 3:15

        Within God’s verbal promise of Christ…to the serpent …God said He would “bruise” the head (authority) of the serpent. The word “bruise” means crush, destroy, and break. Christ was promised in the Fall of man…to destroy the works of the Devil. The works of the Devil was sin that resulted in the trangression of Adam. In God’s very promise of Christ… He promised He would destroy the works of the Devil through the person of Christ He sent to suffer, bleed, die, and then raise from the grave.

        The contrast? The promise of a Savior in relation to the fallen race of humanity. Christ is greater than the Fall of man. Christ is the head over all things. Christ has all authority over sin, the world, the flesh, and the Devil. The contast of God’s promise to the serpent? It shows man’s need for Christ as Savior and Redeemer. It shows the authority of the Devil crushed in the sacrifice of the person of Christ.

        It shows God’s promises of forever true. Truth is found in a person. That person is Christ. The will of man must never be set aside as it has tainted the human family in the flood, in the wilderness, when Christ came the first time, and in the future after the Rapture of the Church. Where the will of man is you will find sin.

        Milt I hope I didn’t get to far off the path of your writing. Evelyn, your input is always stimulating. God Bless you all.

        Rick Roehm

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