Dim Sum – No microphone needed

Lord, please fill this page and speak that someone will be blessed today. I offer myself as your channel of blessing. Amen.

Perhaps there is someone who needs to call on the Lord.

You may be sick or wounded, nursing an ongoing problem. Aren’t we all? In our misery, we must  look outside of ourselves for the more we look inside of us the more miserable we become because of our helplessness. O wretched man that I am – I am limited in my views and cannot see beyond my circumstance, beyond now and beyond what I have experienced and know.

The Lord says in His Word, “Call unto Me and I will show you great and mighty things which thou knowest not.” The Creator of the universe is asking you to call upon Him. He is willing to show you great and mighty things. Will you accept Him as the revealer of great and mighty things? Will you accept Him as the One who has the answer to your need? He who created all things including you has the answer to your need. Will you accept Him as the One who has the power to do exceedingly above what you can ask or think?

When you call upon the Lord, you call with an expectation of an answer. It is not an echo you are expecting for an echo gives no answer. Do not call if you do not expect an answer.

He promises to show you. You know He keeps His word because that characteristic of God is critical. No use calling on a person who says he will do but does not do what he says. It would be a waste of time. That means you have to give Him the chance to show you the great and mighty things He can do for you. So often we do not give God the time as if we are the maestro and not Him. We want a hurried answer even when we know the best solutions are not necessarily the fastest. No half-baked answer is good for it may lead us into more trouble if we do not see the whole picture. How often in life we are satisfied with a half truth which the world offers and we are happy to run along with it. We must not be so easily satisfied. We must want all of what He can offer. We want the best.

His characteristic is love and we can expect that when we call , what He shows us will be given in the framework of love. He will not offer us something that will make our situation deteriorate. He wants to uplift us. Why? because He loves us because He is all Good. Yes, God is Good. Only then can we trust Him. We must know that when we do not understand, He is doing things for our Good. We cannot comprehend it because His thoughts are higher than our thoughts and His ways higher than ours. He will teach us in time but certain things need our patience .. we need time to develop  and He gives us the time. But do you? More haste less speed is a hard and bitter lesson. We need to learn to wait patiently for Him. Not that He cannot have an instant answer miracle for us but we are not ready to receive it. We must be on the same wavelength to be able to receive what He wants to show us – His best for us. His best future for us.

While we wait and expect what should we do?

There is preparation for receipt of that miracle the Lord wants to give to us. No big sweep or lucky draw. No gambler’s luck. He wants to do a new thing in our lives – to change us from being negative to a person of hope. He comes with healing in His wings. Will you get under His wings and remain there to feel secure? Rest under His wings and do not crawl out for He would protect you from the hot sun that dries you up and He wants to feed you with His manna as the children of Israel were fed under the cloud by day and the pillar of fire by night. Will you trust Him to answer and provide for you? He will  – so keep trusting and looking. His grace and strength will be sufficient for you to lean on. Lean on Him. When He moves, move with Him and you will see the great things He has promised for you.

Call unto Him. Let Him show you great and mighty things you have never learnt. Take time with the Lord. Hear Him. He speaks to you. Hear Him. He has the answer. Thank you Jesus.

You will carry me.


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