The human will: tainted with an Adamic Nature

Why is the human will tainted with an Adamic nature? Because of the sin of Adam. Adam was not created with an Adamic nature like men are today. Adam fell because he chose to sin. Adam violated God’s command in the transgression. After the transgression of Adam man stepped out of Eternity into time. Spirituality was lost. Holiness was lost and obedience to God was lost. The human will became tainted as a result of Adam’s sin.

Death also began as a result of Adam’s separation from God. The curse of the Fall of Adam caused humanity to be born with a sinful nature from that time on. The human will was tainted with a sinful nature. Man was controlled by sin from birth. The entire human family has been plagued for thousands of years with this inherited fallen state of being. The mind is tainted. The will is tainted. The nature of man is tainted. Tainted so much that man cannot achieve God’s favor by choice or decision. Why? Fallen man’s choices and decisions are governed by moral depravity.

Here’s an example: If you take a man (without Christ) who is a doer in life. This man believes with all his heart the choices and decisions he makes in life are right. These choices and decisions are right in his own eyes but not in the eyes of God. Why? This unbeliever leaves out Christ who gives man a new nature. This unbeliever misses Christ completely yet has an inner desire to do right. His choices and decisions are led by the flesh…not by the Spirit. His will is tainted and controlled by sin. I speak of the inherited sin nature. This man is a rejecter of Christ. He is a rebel against God and no matter what he does outside of Christ his soul is still doomed to everlasting darkness.

Yes, my brothers and sisters the human will is controlled by inherited sin. This sin I speak of is inherited from Adam and does not come by choice. The nature of man is to be self sufficient not by choice but because this man is controlled by sin. Fallen man is a servant to rebellion. Fallen man is defiant against the truth about Christ. He want’s to do right but can’t because he lacks Christ.

That’s why the will of man is tainted? The will of man is what controls mans actions, decisions, and choices? If the will of man is not broken man cannot achieve favor from God in any respect or manner. No matter what man does he still a rejecter of Christ and a rebel against God Almighty. That’s why the Bible terms this person as a child of wrath.

Only the power of a living Christ can break fallen man enough to cause him to believe, trust, and/or accept Christ. The will of man goes his own way. When the human will is broken man realizes Christ did it. The power of Christ is enough to brake man’s fallen condition. When man believes in Christ the new nature causes man to do the will of God…not by human effort, but by the power of God’s Grace. Man will do right because he has the God given power to do right. God said so! Read it!

Romans 5:19…For as by one man’s disobedience many were made sinners, so by the obedience of one shall many be made righteous.

Notice it says “made” righteous. Not by human choice. Not by human effort. God makes men righteous because of what Christ did and because of what Christ is doing now! His Grace does such work. Men don’t choose righteousness…they are made righteous after God breaks them enough to believe and accept Christ for personal forgiveness from all past sins. It’s because of Christ and what He did…not because of you!

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5 Responses to The human will: tainted with an Adamic Nature

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  3. ptl2010 says:

    Amen. Only the power of the Resurrected Christ can save us from the Adamic Nature and make us victorious over it.

  4. rickroehm says:

    When Cain killed his Brother Abel it was not because he had witnessed murder in his earlier years. Anger became hate. Hate became enough to take a life. Hate was a result of inherited sin.

    Saint John spoke of such condition.

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