Prayer Request – Hurricane Irene

Emergency Prayer Needed!

We can pray before Hurricane Irene hits shore, that

–  in God’s mercy and grace Hurricane Irene will reduce her speed and damage impact on all who will be affected,  that many lives will be spared and property protected

– rescue efforts be quickly facilitated to respond to the emergency.

– the Lord sends His people to help  the helpless,

–  folks will turn to the Lord who holds everything in His hands and that they remember from whence cometh their help and source of life.


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3 Responses to Prayer Request – Hurricane Irene

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  3. wdednh says:

    In prayer all ready. God is In control. I read a blog today about picking up pennies off the street. What do you see when you see a penny? what is on the face of the lowest denomination currency? Most likly every one mentions Lincoln, for he was a great President and he is on the penny, but he is the distraction, there is also the following written on the penny and every other US curency: “In God We Trust”, check it out! The blogger writes, when he see’s a penny he stops and picks it up, for the name :God is written on it and is Holy, also he says :God has sent him a message: “Trust in God”. How far do we have to fall to start trusting God? He is beside us All the time!

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