Dim Sum – Just between friends

Just Between Friends

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In the rush of daily living and the grind of daily chores,  do we really spend time for what is important or are we just speeded along on an emergency basis by the trifling cares of life?

When I heard the following song “I just came to talk with you Lord” and the singer’s testimony, it arrested my attention  for a while to ask myself how many times have I really sat down to talk with the Lord, without any expectations or requests, just fellowshipping with Him as my Best Friend? I am ashamed to say not often.

The singer testified after singing the song that she had experienced breast cancer and that during the fear and the anxiety of the treatment, she heard the Lord most loudly.

Do we need to go through trials before we find pleasure in communion with the Lord? Do we give Him priority in our busy schedule? Why is it we must be driven to our knees before we seek the face of the Lord?

In daily life there are times when we forget our friends too when other priorities overtake us. Friends who have remained true to us and been through difficult times with us and it seems that through the years, we have forgotten to maintain that friendship, fellowship we once had. It is time we make the time for each other. It is time we remember the good times and the bad times and celebrate that we made it through together. Do not wait for the telephone call that would summon us to a wake of that friend before we make the effort to get together. It would be too late to enjoy one another’s company then. How we have sacrificed  the old time practice of just relaxing and having a tete a tete with friends for the mundane things that can actually wait or be spaced out? This was forcefullly brought to the fore when we spent time one afternoon just talking about many things while we were in Portland with UM and his wife. We took the time because we had come from afar and we had only a small window of opportunity to do so.  How long has it been since you took time out to talk with your best friend? and it could be your spouse. We will never have time unless we make time for our friend(s).


Remember in the Bible, the friendship between David and Jonathan? It was a friendship born out of adversity for David and he remembered his friend’s lame son when he came to power because he cherished the friendship. Pity it happened only after Jonathan’s death.

Is there a friend you have neglected? Make an appointment soon. Other priorities can wait for a while.

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