Thank God for our newly Elected President in Singapore

The Lord was in control all the time as Christians raised their voices in prayer that the Lord’s chosen will be the newly elected President in Singapore. So Dr Tony Tan Keng Yam,  the 7th President of Singapore will be installed on September 1, 2011

  Dr Tony Tan waves to the crowd after his Presidential Election victory. (Photo:

–  God knows the future of Singapore even before the leaders know. He has set those in power and authority in their places and He will allow only those He wills to be His representatives of authority on this island of Singapore for we on ChristianBlessings, as Christians are taught to be subject to authority under God.

– As a nation, may we not turn from the ways of the living God  to idolatry and the arrogance of man. As a nation let us remember that we are who we are in the membership of nations because the Lord has blessed us. Without His blessings we would not be where we are today – that is a truth that may be hard to swallow by those who have become heady with power, but it does not change the facts.

– May we unite as a nation to achieve to be a beacon for other nations to follow in successful nationhood and also as a beacon to proclaim the gospel of peace from the only God appointed Prince of Peace .

– May the Lord help our President be above politics and fulfil the purpose that God has for him in our nation for such a time as this. May our President have the health, strength and courage to persevere to good and not evil and be led by the Lord and His Word to uphold righteousness and justice in our land.

–  May the Lord surround him with advisors who will also be God’s instruments to bless our tiny nation and its people in the difficult times ahead not only globally but also nationally, for in the multitude of counsellors there will be wisdom and discernment.

– May we not only look to man but continously pray that glory which belongs to the Lord be His and His alone and peace from Him abound in our land. 


Majulah Singapura!

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3 Responses to Thank God for our newly Elected President in Singapore

  1. ptl2010 says:

    Yes, Anthony it is congratulations to the people of Singapore who chose stability in governance rather than ra ra instability. Only the Lord could have facilitated this choice in a population which has been awakened to new politics. Hopefully this stability will last for the whole 6 years tenure of the incoming President.

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  3. wdednh says:


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