Casting The First Stone!

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      She was crying in terror as she was dragged through the streets, she was dragged out her home in the middle of afternoon, by some of the top leaders of her religion, she was accused of adultery, and in fact she was caught in the act. Now being dragged through the streets, horror of what was waiting for her was tearing her heart apart. It was not death that terrorized her it was the way death was ministered; by the law of Mosses she was to be stoned till death took over. Now as they were getting close to the temple she started to recognize her accusers, some former, and some more recent clients! The irony of the situation did not escape her; however there was no comfort in thought, for all she really could think off was the first stone. She wondered where it would hit her and how much pain would she feel. However her accusers had some additional plans for her.

As they enter the temple square, right at center he was sitting. The new Prophet, she recognized Him immediately. He was not like other religious figures. He was compassionate, and actually hangs out with the sinners and preached to them about God the Father as He Called Him, about the Love of the Father and His Grace, about the forgiveness of sin; she did not understand it but in her heart it was good.

When thy were close enough to the prophet they made her kneel down, and they asked the Prophet: This woman was caught in the act of adultery, and by the law of Mosses she has to be stoned; what do you think we should do? As they were asking the question the Prophet was leaned forward and was writing something on the ground. When they were finished asking their question, He looked up and said: “The one among you with no sin cast the first stone,” and again He looked at the ground and continued His writing.

One by one from the youngest to the oldest dropped the stones they were holding and backed away,and left the temple. As moments passed Jesus looked up again seeing no one but the woman asked her “Woman where are your accusers? Did no man condom you?” she answered they are gone Lord and no man condemned me. Jesus answered her and said “Neither do I condemn you, go, and sin no more.”

It is an easy thing to judge and point and condemns others of their sin, while we push our sin back under the rug.  Next time facing such situation let us remember Jesus’s words and let us not cast the first stone!

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4 Responses to Casting The First Stone!

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  3. ptl2010 says:

    Jesus taught us by example. It was love covers a multitude of sins. Not condoning sin, any sin, and encouraging proliferation of such, but when things cannot be reversed as the consequences are horrible enough, we are to show love and move on as He expects us to. He knows the way that we take and when we come to Him, He has the perfect answer, forgiveness and solution for our longing empty souls. Praise the Lord.
    Let us pray for those who are broken and hurting from sin, that the grace and mercy of the Lord shall abound in their lives to rescue them from harm’s way and to show forth the living and abundant life which the Lord proffers to those who will accept. Yes, may they come to the healing stream and receive healing and rest for their weary souls in the Fount of blessings. Pray that He will give us strength to be instruments of His love. Amen.

    • wdednh says:

      “Not condoning sin, any sin, and encouraging proliferation of such”
      I totally agree with you for that is what My Jesus have been teaching, It is not the sin of a person that define the person but it is the inner man in the person that defines him, and if one would get a moment to reach that man, we may find ourselves looking back at us, with a smile!

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