Lauren and Rachel dedicate the baby dinosaurs.

My granddaughters, Lauren (4) and Rachel (7), were recently here for a week’s visit. It was a wonderful week! They live a half continent away, so I don’t get to see them often. It’s intriguing to see how they are growing and developing. With these intermittent visits, I can really see how the things they are exposed to permeate every aspect of their lives. A great example is how they created their play with a set of toy dinosaurs.

On their way here (Missouri) from Maryland, they spent a day at the Creation Museum in Kentucky. They were both eager to share what they had seen and learned there about all aspects of God’s Creation. As with all kids around this age (and pretty much for the rest of us, too) they were especially attracted to the dinosaurs and to Noah’s Ark. So, we got them a set of toy dinosaurs like the one pictured.

Our Maryland family belongs to a church denomination that practices believer’s baptism and dedicates their infants. Grandma came into the room where the girls were playing with the dinosaur toys. She noticed that the small dinosaurs (babies) were in the center of a circle of larger dinosaurs. Grandma asked what they were doing.

“We’re dedicating the babies, of course” replied Rachel.

“Yeah” added Lauren. “They’re God’s creation, too. They need to be dedicated to Him.” They then returned to the serious task at hand with their toys.

Well, the girls still have some theological issues to get worked out. That will happen as the grow and mature. But they sure are getting the basics!

There are so very many lessons that can be learned from this. Perhaps the most important is the role of what our children are exposed to. The girls could have been reenacting Jurassic Park or 1,000,000 years B.C. They could have been having the T-Rex devouring those babies. But they weren’t. Their first task with these new toys was to honor God.

Shalom, Art
Alive in The Word

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4 Responses to Lauren and Rachel dedicate the baby dinosaurs.

  1. ptl2010 says:

    Amen. How often simple things become complicated in the adult world and spoil the total essence of living . Let’s keep things simple and learn to trust and obey with hearts full of praise and thanksgiving for His great love.

  2. As the kids were riding in the car with grandma, Rachel said about something or other “I just hate those.” Lauren’s immediate response, expressed with concern, was: “Rachel, how can you hate anything God created?”

    Ah, if only we all had the clear, simple thinking of a child!

    Shalom, Art

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