Triumphant Defeats

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I normally don’t like to post other posting here, but in my heart i had to post this . May you all be bless as I am!

Triumphant Defeats
TGIF Today God Is First Volume 1 by Os Hillman
Friday, September 02 2011

“This was now the third time Jesus appeared to His disciples after He was raised from the dead.” John 21:14

William Wallace was a Scotsman who sought freedom from a tyrannical king of England in the 1200s. He initially took up this cause in retaliation for his own personal family losses. His cause grew among the people, and it became an insurrection against England. Wallace entreated Robert the Bruce, the future king of Scotland. However, Bruce betrayed Wallace in return for lands from the king of England. Wallace was turned over to the king of England to be tortured to death for crimes against England. Bruce realized his betrayal against Wallace and his own country. This remorse led to real repentance and a return to his commitment to the people of Scotland. He finally took ownership of the mission to free Scotland from England. He led the people of Scotland into subsequent battles against England and freed them. Wallace’s defeat ultimately led to victory through Bruce. It took the lives of many, including Wallace, for victory to be accomplished. [James Mackay, William Wallace, Brave Heart (Edinburgh, Scotland: Mainstream Publishing, 1995).]

So often defeat is what is required before victory can be won. Jesus said that unless the seed dies and goes into the ground it cannot bring forth fruit (see Jn. 12:24). The death of a vision is often required before the fulfillment can really take place. Have you failed at something in your life? Have you not seen the vision fulfilled you thought you were given? The vision may yet happen.

The disciples thought they suffered their greatest defeat when Jesus died on the cross. However, this defeat became the greatest victory on earth. Christ’s death gave liberty. Forgiveness came to all men. New life came forth-new strength for the disciples. Resurrection and new life came as a result of a “defeat.” “There are triumphant defeats that rival victories” (Montaigne, French philosopher).

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3 Responses to Triumphant Defeats

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  2. ptl2010 says:

    Defeat often results in humility which is a necessary ingredient for victory in the Lord’s service. Without humility, victory could lead to self aggrandisement and dependence on self Such victory which leads to self does not bring glory to God.
    It is victory in humility and dependence on God, which brings honour and glory to God in His service.

    Thanks for sharing Anthony.

    • wdednh says:

      I agree, if we never fall, we would never know how to get up and stand. That is one reason Bible teaches to praise Him in all things.

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