I was as Stupid as an Animal

Animal Kingdom

Image by Loimere via Flickr

I was as stupid as an animal;I did not understand you.
 Yet I always stay close to you, and you hold me by the hand.” Psalms 73:22-23, GNT

“I was as stupid as an animal.” Have you ever felt that way? You were the only one who did the right thing. You stood up for a ‘loser’ and you were belittled by some of your closest friends. You felt you followed your conscience and it appeared to be a silly thing. 

Standing up for your belief can make you feel as stupid as an animal. Have you ever felt that way?

Or are you the type of person who follows the trend of the day–go with the majority. You can’t go wrong following the opinions of the majority. At least, you do not feel stupid–so many people can’t be wrong. Right??

The psalmist is frustrated with the injustice around him and God seems to be uninterested and far away. The government is corrupted. The rich oppress the poor. The wicked get away with their wickedness. People abandon their moral values. Why is God not doing anything? The psalmist in Psalms 73 cries out to God for justice and it seems like God is not listening. And the wicked continue to prosper. 

In the midst of the ‘norm’ of the day, the psalmist felt like a fool to stick to his belief–the majority is not right and God will settle the scores. 

Instead of leaving God,  joining the rest of the people, giving in to the craving of the fleshly instinct, the psalmist would rather be called a stupid animal and stay close to God.  Although, the psalmist is bitter and angry that God is not doing anything about the injustice, he believes that God must have a good reason and He will vindicate the oppressed and the victims of injustice.

I would like to encourage all of us who feel like a stupid animal,  to stay close to God while others look clever–we are not few. In fact, even one with God is a majority. God’s opinion is more right than the millions out there. He will right all wrongs and the arrogant and wicked will be brought to justice. His silence is not a sign of approval to continue in doing wrong. His silence is opportunity for the people to realize their wrongs and turn to Him. 

The book of Proverbs teaches us that whoever we hang out with we become. The fool receives foolish counsels.  The wise receives wise counsels. Hang out with fools and you will be a fool. Hang out with the wise and you will be wise. Hence, if you hang out with God, you are wise, no matter what everyone else thinks of you. 

You guide me with your instruction and at the end you will receive me with honor.” Psalm 73:24 GNT


About gardener58

I'm missionary called to raise native missionaries to plant viable indigenous churches among the tribal people of the Philippines. As such, my mission is to equip local leaders to be church planters, engage local churches to fulfil the great commission, enlarge the kingdom of God through church planting.
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7 Responses to I was as Stupid as an Animal

  1. browahidpk says:

    It can be very easier for them who can read both languages (English and Urdu). God bless ptl2010

  2. Pingback: URDU – I was as Stupid as an Animal | ChristianBlessings

  3. How could it possibly be any different, since God created the majority? What comes to mind is: . . . “For in Him we live, move, and have our being.” The only possible source of argument in this regard belongs to those who think far too highly of themselves. There is a place where the whole (no minority left) will agree, God IS.

  4. mtsweat says:

    It could even be argued that God alone is a majority. Great words friend, God bless

  5. It’s good for me to see the way you write. There aren’t many who dare to speak of Godly things in a fresh way. Now, if we will just be heard… LOL Got some, want more. Ain’t that the way of man?

  6. UsneakydevilU says:

    So true, so true! I have many conversations with atheist, non-believers and even those who claim to be Christian(but are misguided in the Word) and sometimes their rhetoric makes me feel as if I’m in a bad episode of Twilight Zone. Keep up your good works.

  7. ptl2010 says:

    The Lord uses the foolish things of the world to confound the wise. Praise the Lord His thoughts are higher than the thoughts of man. If we go with the higher thoughts we should not be ashamed. Praise the Lord.

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