Click a Blessing Today – Waiting with Father

Father and me

Image by Shreyans Bhansali via Flickr

Face crisis days when the worst is yet to be, with our hands in our Saviour’s hand, firm in His grip and with confidence that He will pick us up when we fall.

Loss Days –  of bereavement of loved one(s) , of jobs ,  of health, of homes , of marriage, broken relationships , theft or burglary, rape, kidnapping, floods, tsunamis, typhoons and hurricanes and tornadoes, of foreclosure, of bankruptcy, accidents and the list could go on.

Could they have been avoided? Yes and No. Could they have been prepared for ? Yes and No. Could you choose the time of their occurrence? Yes and No. Could you have forestalled them? May be and Yes/No. 

For each loss we face uncertain days – when we had to have cancer treatment, a medical operation,  fell into a coma,  suffered paralysis, a severance of relationship or limb or organ. Was the end sure? hopefully it meant a fresh extension of our life, relationship in love, forgiveness and re-try, outcomes never assured.

Waiting days were critical and seemingly never-ending , lost child and recovery, organ availability and transplants, arbitration, court hearings the final end only certain but the interim on hold.

Trial days, worry days, O Lord You carried us through the storm

And we cast our cares and ourselves on Your mercy and love to lead us to the end of this crisis.

You can, You will, You are able and it is Your promise.

We trust and depend on You, and You alone.

The finality of the decisions or judgment, surprise ending, disappointed hope and anticipation, termination of proceedings, death.

We need faith. We need to tap into Your wisdom, power, strength to endure, perseverance to hang in there,  to wait and be still.

We will let You, Lord arise in  every situation, to calm our nerves, to say “Be still”, to show Yourself anew and real – powerful, all-knowing of people time and places, promises of the end and Your presence.

We stand in You  complete beyond ourselves, in You secure.

Praise God, You will do and You did it again!

Glory be to God.

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