Intercession – when we tip the balance from God’s judgement to God’s love

People Praying

Image by Old Shoe Woman via Flickr

As we move into partnerships and alliances with missionary agencies into our enemy’s territory in  spiritually dark lands, we need to pray like never before for our ChristianBlessings Contributors and for WordPress as our conduit for ChristianBlessings,  for we see the enemy is not happy and is putting hurdles and obstacles in our way.

We need to

  •  plead the Blood of Jesus to cover each one and each household represented
  •  seek the Lord’s inspiration for each blog written to free the captives, build up His disciples, encourage the struggling ones and lift up the fallen, be consistent and faithful to His calling and vision and mission.
  • pray for healing and strength for those among us who have been struck down by disease, entanglements with the world and the flesh
  • pray for those whose daily supplies for needs are being disrupted – for food, home and care
  • pray for those who need to stay close to the Lord and to have the victory in Jesus’ Name to overcome the pull of loved ones and the world to be compromising and mediocre Christians – we need to be a people full of His compassion, passion, love and joy – may the joy of the Lord be our strength whatever circumstance we may face personally that we will override the personal difficulties and look beyond to see the harvest field, the souls in danger and who need the Saviour. We need to be daring and courageous for the Lord in order to go where He has sent us.
  • pray that lands that are opening up to cyber communications will have Christians who will work with us in partnership in broadcasting, internet and social networks and may the Lord provide not only the know-how but also the security and safety beyond the clutches of the enemy – we need the wisdom of God to keep His people safe and secure from spiritual and cyber attack  in this new world that the gospel light may be spread to every people and every nation of the world, not just traversing the miles physcially but also in cyber space. We need wsidom and discernment to break down the barriers which hitherto we have never faced.. unprecedented. May the Lord protect us from evil and help us spread His good news through channels the enemy would use for abuse. May we bring freedom and set the captives free from pornagraphy and filth and may we offer a spiritual and clean alternative to those who are travelling, in transit, away from home and in need of a friend.. we can become friends to the friendless, homeless and love-less.
  • pray we hear not the rattling of the enemy but experience the power and presence of the Holy Spirit in all His glory in our lives and hearts and know that He is bigger than any giant that threatens us. Let us remain unfazed.
  • pray as we need to  become as harmless as doves and as wise as serpents.

Please pray for us as vessels to be fit for the Master’s use and to His glory that He may increase and we decrease. Hallelujah!

Thank you for your prayers we want to be reenergised, more dedicated and committed than ever before to go into all the world, preach the gospel and make disciples for Jesus in the power of His Spirit for it is not by power, nor by might but by His Spirit saith the Lord . Shall we do it together?. .. Amen.


Note: If you would like to be in our corp of believers and supporters in this endeavour for Jesus, let us have your name and contact email and we shall keep you informed as we move into the things the Lord would lead us into in the days ahead.  Yes, we are moving on for Jesus and will go where He bids us.

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1 Response to Intercession – when we tip the balance from God’s judgement to God’s love

  1. ptl2010 says:

    I bless the day you joined us Loopy. God bless, protect and keep you and your family, in His love as you co-labor with us in the Lord’s work on ChristianBlessings.

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