Click a Blessing Today – Needs provided

We struggle to pay for the things we want. Some of us borrow on credit card to buy things we want, in excess of the necessities we need. Are we hooked on the credit card that we forget that we have to pay for them at the end of the month? Do we when the payments and interest on those credit cards mount, find it difficult to pay the full principal amount, and soon what portion of our pay we used to assign for our basic needs is also re-channeled to pay for the credit card interest. We find ourselves in a web of payments which we cannot disengage from and perhaps with spending less on our needs we are getting hungrier.

The Lord promised to supply our needs and not our wants. So do not grumble when we feel over-tired, over-spent because it is not Him but ourself which is the cause of our dissatisfaction when the bills mount high and burdens for payment seem endless. We need to quit on the use of those credit cards and get back to simple living based on our needs not our wants. Be brave to cut those credit cards and start paying on those over-blown limits, stop incurring more debt! Ask for a repayment schedule for payment which the credit card company would prefer than write off the debts owing to them.

Friends let us take stock of our lives – ask ourselves Ain’t God good, to have supplied our needs in the not too distant past before we bust our budgets and credit limits? Ain’t God good that He gave us freedom? a chance to go our own way and to land up where we are by our own choices? He loves us still and wants us to return to the ways He originally planned for us. He wants to supply our needs but we cannot screw up His plans by disobedience and living above our means.

The children of Israel pined for Egypt when the Lord was on the way to taking them to the land of milk and honey. They complained and were unhappy because they chose the path of dissatisfaction, having their own thoughts and being disobedient. What did they get? 40 years in the wilderness. It was a bitter lesson for it cost all their lives without seeing the promised land except for two – Joshua and Caleb.

As we still have the chance, leave the credit cards and aim for the state where the Lord planned that He will supply all our needs.

If you have not started on the credit card journey, do not start!

Praise Him for meeting our needs – we ought to praise Him more  today and a lot more tomorrow. In everything let us give thanks and learn to be content.

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