Nuggets – It’s good!

Durio kutejensis fruit, Muara Lawa, Kutai Bara...

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Durians (the King of fruits), they are good. So say many Singaporeans. However, to some durians taste like soap, smell like rotten eggs, and please, please keep them away! We cannot bring durians into hotels, the mass rapid trains, taxis, hospitals, wherever there is airconditioning for there could be such severe reaction to the pungent smell for those who are sensitive to its smell.

I have written about my best and favorite American pastor. He was one who loved durians and while his dear wife refused to even touch it, he would hunger for it and just squat by the roadside, get a durian “opened” for him and enjoy the fruit to his heart’s content until he returned home. “Burp” and he knew his sin would find him out! and we would hear complaints about if from you know who.

My American lady pastor/mentor l-o-v-e-d the fruit and she could take it for breakfast with bread, at lunch-time on its own or as ice cream and at dinner time with rice. If she stayed in a hotel, she could eat it sitting in my car or we could go to a park to enjoy the fruit. Everytime she visited Singapore, she would visit my home for durians when we would sit with the whole family encircled on the floor, with durians opened  and inviting, and with fingers or assisted with spoons consume the soft golden sweet or bitter flesh of the fruit and leave the big nut seeds behind. We had  jolly times exchanging and sharing stories with much humour and laughter while consuming the durians.

All who ate the fruit would love it. However, I have a nephew who would be so put off by the repugnant (to him) smell of the fruit that he would refuse to even come near. He would never find the durian tasting good. He would never know the pleasures we all enjoy.

It is the same with the promises of God. If we never try the promises and apply them to our needs, we will never find that the promises of God are good. If we never trust the Lord and depend on Him in bad times,  we will never know that He is good even in bad times.

O taste and see that the Lord is good! Psalm 34:8

You must taste Him to really say He is good. Really!

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