Nuggets – Reverse Rage

"Angry" (59/365)

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Nothing of good ever comes out of reverse rage, for the person concerned is the real loser. He/she becomes bitter at not only God but all who are around.

A Japanese translator/writer was sent to a western country. He described his worst exchanges with a building management office in his host country where he had filed an application to rent an apartment. The office had lost his papers.   When he enquired about them with the receptionist who had signed to accept their delivery, she simply said: “I put it in the inter-office bin. It’s out of my hands.” When he tried to pursue the matter with a man in charge of processing the forms, the man angrily accused the writer of adding pressure to his job when he was not the one who actually lost the papers.

The Japanese writer wrote that there is a term for such hostility: Gyaku gire, literally “reverse rage”. The phrase refers to a situation in which someone who isn’t in a position to be mad, unfurls fury. He wrote he could not find a similar term in English. It must mean there are no entitlements when it comes to rage: everyone has equal rights to that emotion.

Spiritually, reverse rage also happens when people get mad with God, when they really are in no position to be angry.  Perhaps you have come across an instance where someone   who does not see the reasonableness of something happening  becomes  so mad with God.  Perhaps a loved one died or had been left in a coma, the result of an accident or  of foolish behaviour – an addiction, taking unusual risk  bungee jumping.  Sometimes there is reverse rage because  genetic weakness is not accepted or disappointment that medical knowledge has not advanced  far enough to cure the lost one.

Continuing on the subject, the writer mentioned that at a recent panel discussion in the USA, the moderator asked whether Japan, beset with economic and political problems on top of coping with a natural disaster, still mattered to the world. The professor of a well-known American University, replied with a list of areas in which the country could be a global model. He specifically highlighted civility, that is, the manner in which people look after each other. It is well-known that after the recent strong earthquake, the  Japanese politely took turns at intersections where traffic lights were out and averted chaos and panic. There was no rage but common acceptance of the “misfortune” and moving together forward to best resolution for the common good.

Spiritually, do members of the family of God join hands to face a possible reverse rage situation with a hurt one, to help him/her to overcome and move on for good in hope? The Word tells us to “Bear ye one another’s burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ.” Galatians 6:2.

Often the “victim” is left alone or “given up” to struggle alone, due to lack of care, or in wanting to  care, there may be no knowledge or expertise to handle the shrinking violet or a spiky porcupine. May we have the Lord’s compassion and help the “victim” with  patience, long-suffering, understanding, wisdom and discernment from above. Sometimes it takes only a cooling off period with coaching, that will initiate a turn-around. Could intercession for God’s merciful intervention  in that life be the only answer?

With increasing financial, social and environmental changes imposing much pressure on individuals today,  it may be you or me, or someone we love falling into reverse rage. This could be for  a short-term or the long-term. Let us pray for the Holy Spirit to help us then lean on Him, rather than ourselves, and ask our Loving Father in heaven to see us through what we only see  in part in our suffering.

If you are today in reverse rage with God,  you need prayer.  Be assured, God loves you and me and He will not do or allow anything which is not for our final good.  Write to us  or seek local help, for assistance to get over your reverse rage.

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