Dim Sum – Our road to Emmaus

The Road to Emmaus appearance, based on Luke 2...

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My five-year old niece is staying with me for the next six weeks while her home is under renovation. As I watched her for the last two mornings having trouble finishing her breakfast before leaving home for school, I found that she was too distracted. Before she started her breakfast she brought out her toys box  and she switched on the TV. Any amount of cajoling by her carer,  did not result in her  eating all her breakfast. This morning, I helped her say “No” to toys and TV and lo and behold, she finished all  her breakfast in time before  leaving for her school. The simple reason was – she was focussed on her breakfast when she needed to be. She was most happy today compared to the last two days when it was mission un-accomplished for her.

In our Christian walk, the same thing happens. We do not fulfil the purpose of God in our lives because we are  often distracted by the pleasures of life, stresses to earn a living, little complaints that keep us from the big picture, and aches and pains that worry us so. Please take a few minutes today – review what are the distractions which have taken your focus off Jesus. Are you plagued by a bad habit that has developed a hold on you without your recognizing it? Are you having a tough time focussing on Jesus because you are spending more time in front of the TV or IT gadgets than on feeding on His Word? Are other seemingly healthy distractions like exercising and playing golf and befriending friends, taking time off from the time you should be spending with the Lord? Yes, are you involved in blogging to extent of not reading His Word. Have your words become more important than His in your blogs? Have we forgotten that He is near?


Let us turn a side from any weight that so easily beset us and turn our eyes upon Jesus.


Let us draw close to the Lord again.


May our lives be purposeful  again in Jesus , as we refocus on Him. . Amen.


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2 Responses to Dim Sum – Our road to Emmaus

  1. ptl2010 says:

    Amen. Blessings MT.

  2. mtsweat says:

    Great words for us to take to heart. Redeeming the time, may we keep our eyes on Jesus. God bless.

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