Dim Sum – It’s time for a second chance

Reconciliation Statue, The Old Cathedral, Cove...

Image by Jim Linwood via Flickr

It’s time for you to come home if you are yearning once again for peace, for stability, for love, for someone to care. It has been lonely, struggling through life’s problems and maze, no friend, no friends’ network  you can trust, but lots of friends who are “happy day” or fair-weather friends who disappear when the hard times come. You have lost your reputation, your inheritance, your happiness and with no more purpose in life. You have been pushed down lower than you have ever been in society, and you have been hurt by words and deeds of happy day friends. They have enjoyed all your blessings and helped you spend your money when you had them.

Have you felt the wall of silence, the eyes that glare  but no longer welcome you in their midst?

Turn your footsteps to the direction of where Father awaits to welcome you home, forgive you, bind up your wounds and bruises,  heal your heart and hurts, and reinstate you in the family with loving arms around you,  recognition and celebration.

 It will be difficult for you not to lose face among your siblings. It will be difficult to become humble and face “I told you so”. It’s humble-pie as your siblings inevitably say “you spoilt brat, how dare you return after spending your inheritance.. and now you return to take ours.” Suspicion, jeolousy for your having chosen to leave in the first place, and to squander all your inheritance – and it would be understandable. You have to be “thick-skinned”  or forget any pride left, to return. What will you lose? You cannot be lower in your status as you grovel with the cheating, conniving  “animals” out in the world  to survive. Yes there are “animals” in society who will not share anything with you but will snatch the little you have.  Leave them to scramble and fight tooth and nail among themselves to survive. You are not meant to be one of them. You are the apple of your Father’s eye.

Come away, come home for He calls, He beckons for you to know once again the peace that is beyond understanding. He wants to supply   your need. He loves you more than yourself or anybody else. Let Him restore you to be a joint-heir with Christ, in the kingdom of God, and the security of your spiritual destination.

Do not wait any longer. Come home brother or sister. God knows your fallen heart which is  full of regrets and repentance. He sees your falling tears. He wants to dry them and give you new purpose in life. 


A second chance awaits you. 

Be reconciled.

He loves you.

Jesus says to you, yes to you – “Come to me and rest!”

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Jesus Christ is coming soon
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3 Responses to Dim Sum – It’s time for a second chance

  1. ptl2010 says:

    MT and Drusilla, join me in singing that wonderful chorus if you know it

    Isn’t He wonderful, wonderful, wonderful?
    Isn’t Jesus my Lord wonderful?
    Eyes not seen, ears not heard
    Tis recorded in God’s Word
    Isn’t Jesus my Lord wonderful?

    God bless both of you.

  2. Praise God He does not turn His back when we wander away. He is always there, waiting with open arms to welcome us home.

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