Dim Sum – My Holy Communion Prayer

Today, I will be leading in prayer during Communion at my church and I will pray:

Dear Father in heaven, I thank You for inviting us to the Lord’s Supper for as often as we eat of it we remember the Lord’s death till He comes. Thank You for Your presence with us.

Holy Spirit come to us in a fresh and living way. May this not just be another partaking of the bread and the wine, of boring routine,  but let this be our touch from You today.

If we have strayed from You and there be any sin of commission or omission in our lives please show us if they be hidden.  We ask for Your forgiveness for our sins  and for Your help that we will do better for You in Your strength. Let no sin  come between You and us that we may know You today afresh, as our Saviour with sins forgiven and a clean slate for today and tomorrows. Thank You for Your shed blood on Calvary’s cross.

If there is any area of our life which has not been totally surrendered to You  in which You do not reign, we pray Lord that You will cause us to be aware of it. Lord, You want the whole of us as  living sacrifices daily. Help us in our areas of unbelief and weakness and place our feet on You the Rock of our salvation. Be Lord of our lives indeed,  as we offer ourselves in fresh dedication to You.

Jesus, Healer, come in Your special way today. You bore the stripes on Your back for our healing. We pray that You will let Your healing virtue flow today and touch any part of us that needs healing. Any part that is suffering from disease or which has become wounded because of other’s deeds or word.  Come dear Lord and make us whole in body, soul and spirit. We need Your healing touch, from the crowns of our head to the soles of our feet. Deliver us  from any  bondage,  O Lord.  As Thou didst heal the sick and deliver the sin-sick  captives in days of yore, do so with us.

Lord You are our hope today and to come. You are our Coming King. Hallelujah!

 May our eyes be focussed on You that we may not be distracted. May our hope in Your coming as You promised, give us comfort. For those of us who mourn for loved ones who have gone before us and are with You, please especially give your Holy Spirit comfort till we meet again in glory.

May Your  light shine through us  that the world may see Christ lives in us and learn to love You too. Lord make us  worthy sacrifices for You. Anoint our words and deeds that they will be worthy of Your high calling in our lives. Lord, help us run with patience the race that You have set before us, looking unto Jesus the Author and Finisher of our faith.

Even so come, Lord Jesus, as the age draws to a close with the many terrible things that are happening in nature, hearts of men failing them and  the enemy rampaging in the world as his days are numbered. Lord lift us up on to higher ground to stay and keep us humble for it is not by might , nor by power but by Your Spirit that we may stay on higher ground. Lift us up to see You in a more wonderful way. Take us deeper in Your love and embolden us to shed Your love and Your Word abroad to all those who have need of You.

 Dear Lord Jesus,  please come soon and help us as we prepare ourselves to meet You,  that  we may be ready to see You face to face in all Your glory. This is our prayer today in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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1 Response to Dim Sum – My Holy Communion Prayer

  1. mtsweat says:

    Amen, beautiful prayer lifted before our God.

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