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They say left-handers think differently from right-handers, men think differently from women, accountants think differently from musicians.  Because I am ambi-dextrous, my auditees could not fathom how I was able to catch them doing wrong and not complying with policies etc.. of course I thought  differently from them,  from my own perspectives different from theirs,  to their chagrin.

We can accept the differences and work as strong teams or we can let the differences pull us apart so that we become dysfunctional as a team and as individuals. My past auditees knew it when I gave them WIN-WIN audits when they were sorry for their non-compliance and we worked out resolutions, or they also knew it when they became confrontational, would not accept their misdeeds and higher management had to settle resolution.

Don’t let our differences eat us up. Think “His thoughts are higher than our thoughts.” Will we recognize that difference? Will we work as a team with Him to achieve a higher purpose or will we insist we are right and proceed on our “merry” or is it more like “disastrous” way? How good it is for brothers and sisters to work together despite our differences. How wonderful it is for us to be able to flow into the plans of God. He thinks out of our box. Let Him, for His ways and His thoughts are higher than ours.

Have peace to know that His thinking out of our box, helps us grow into a bigger box, gives us more space to grow, and gives us access to more resources than we can ever have. Do not grumble, do not complain. Receive that which is for our good. We are stupid to reject the good that He has in store for us. Nobody thinks more for our good than our Heavenly Father. Let us think out of our own box and jump into the Father’s. There is security there and He can close the box anytime to protect us from the enemy. Hallelujah!

Want to grow? Want to expand your faith?

Others may not accept you or even hinder you because you may be overtaking them when you act and think like your Heavenly Father. Do not worry, the difficulties are  just temporary and He who is with you is greater than he that is without, be it the devil himself or all his cahoots including those who are his human followers.

Stay within the boundaries of God’s box, which is larger, safer and yes! more peaceful than yours!

Come on, join others and enjoy playing in His box. He cares and will enable you.

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