Dim Sum – I WILL follow You

Pilgrims Sketch

Image by cliff1066™ via Flickr


Easy to hear, easy to speak,
Easy to sing, not easy to follow.

It means

His Way is best

Spending time in His Word,
Hearing His voice,
In trust and obey.

Speaking to Him on everything,
Confessing, praising, interceding,
Not my will but Thine.

Loving God, others, self,
Not judging, focussing on truth, being proactive,
Reaching beyond my ability, in His.

Forgiving as He forgives,
Not grudging, rebelling, according vengeance,
His divine forgiveness, my example.

Submitting to Him,
His purpose, plan, process.
Keeping time, His time.

Not My Way

I want my way, I know the way,
I cannot wait, I go my way.
I stumble, hit the ground
On my knees, on my face,

His Way I must follow

Rise up and walk,
Then go and tell to all,
His good news and peace.

Forgetting what is behind,
Reaching forth to Christ,
The Author and Finisher of my faith.

Look in hope to the day of His appearing,
Leave for heaven,
With loved ones and treasures there.

Be faithful, mean what I say,
Then go home in that day,
He comes in glory to take me home.

Won’t be easy, but I WILL follow.
I must go from time to eternity
From earth to glory.


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Jesus Christ is coming soon
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1 Response to Dim Sum – I WILL follow You

  1. Pat Momary says:

    Bullseye, Evelyn! Both the musical lead-in and your poem/prose! No wonder you & UM were a match literarily (?) speaking! Thanks for this Dim Sum…Blessings, Pat M.

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