Click a Blessing Today – It’s CHRISTmas Time

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So glad it is Christmas time – a special time of the year to remember that Jesus came as a baby in a manger because He accepted that He was the only ONE who could do the job of saving the world from sin and reconciling us with His Father.

No matter what the rest of the world may say – they may deny Jesus as Christ the Saviour, they may say it was only a myth, or just someone’s vain imagination, it is impossible, they may choose what they believe but it does not change the fact that our God is real, real in our hearts. We do not doubt and we know that He came and today is alive. No longer in the tomb, He said “I go to prepare a place for you that where I am, there you will be also”. Leave the doubters alone, leave those who will not believe as long as they have heard the peace message.

We know it is Christmas time and will enjoy ourselves for indeed, with Christ in Christmas, we have peace, joy, hope this world cannot give. We will choose to celebrate Christmas with Christ in Christmas and not with X  for what does Xmas stand for? X stands for death to whoever does not accept Christ in Christmas. It will be the judgement of death in that day of the Lord when time will be no more and there is no more time to choose the right.

Happy Christ-mas everybody! It is CHRISTmas time.

O come all ye faithful, come and celebrate CHRISTmas ,  ptl2010 calls out to all Contributors and readers of ChristianBlessings.

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