Click a Blessing Today – Where’s your Christmas present?

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Christmas, Year-end, New year sales are everywhere. Like the rest of the world you may be looking for Christmas presents for loved ones. What to buy.. that something special which he/she has been yearning for.. not affordable during the rest of the year.. but affordable now… no harm to splurge just once a year.

After all he/she has been good to us all the through the year and even if we starve/diet/sacrifice for a few days, just to be able to afford to buy that special somethng we will.

What are you giving to the One whose birthday we shall celebrate? The One who has been faithful throughout this year? Will you give Him the best present ever? A recommitment of yourself to Him? to be His to love, serve and live for?  Have you sung the hymn “Have you any room for Jesus?” as the inn-keeper did would you offer Him only a stable?

Do you have room for Jesus at Christmas this year?

Besides praises, worship as offerings to our King, can we consider  use of the resources He has given us stewardship of? It could be a car, a home, a lovely thing which up to now you have hoarded for yourself. Perhaps if you consider giving that to Him, it will be used in more satisfying ways not only to please Him, but to spread joy and encouragement to those around and teach them an example of the Joy of the Lord spread to the world.

What are we bringing as gifts to our King this Christmas?

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2 Responses to Click a Blessing Today – Where’s your Christmas present?

  1. ptl2010 says:

    Drusilla, many people would like to state their commitment so definitively as you have done. However, they are hesitant as it really will take a lot of perseverance, faithfulness, trust and obedience which will not be easy in their own strength. Only Holy Spirit enablement will give success to such commitment. Yes it is not by might, nor by power but by His Spirit that we shall remain true to our commitment to the Lord. So glad He has made a way for us to present ourselves wholly to Him as a living sacrifice and when He accepts us His Holy Spirit consumes us to be His and His alone.

  2. I give Him my life, my love, my service, my all – everything I have belongs to Him.

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