Click a Blessing Today – Parent’s Prayer


Image by Mariia Kravtsova I EamArt via Flickr

As we celebrate the birth of THE BABY of the world, let us not forget that He said “Suffer the little children to come unto me.” During the preparations for festivities, the trials and tribulations of children could be forgotten.

Jesus knew what children would face during their lives – parents – all kinds of parents. Some parents young, some parents old, some parents in between.

Some parents so young they could be in the same generation and ill prepared to become parents, some parents so old that they wondered why an accident took place.

Some parents really smother their kids with love, others hate to see themselves in their children.

All parents are ill prepared to handle children uniquely and wonderfully made and handed to them for stewardship and accountability.

Some parents would vex their children nearly to death and tempt them even to take their own lives.

Oh how parents need to pray for themselves and their children.

Have you prayed for yourself as a parent?
Here’s a prayer for your consideration.

May you be a wonderful example to your children so they may love you and your heavenly Father because of you.

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