The distinction between the acts of sin and inherited sin (the Adamic Nature)

The Bible clearly teaches there are two types of sin within the human make-up.

(1.) Breaking the law of God
(2.) Man’s inherited propensity to sin.

The acts of sin can be confessed and/or forgiven. Inherited sin is different. Inherited sin cannot be confessed or forgiven because it is not an act, violation or transgression against God. God deals with inherited sin in a different manner.

Christ came to rid fallen man of indwelling sin and disobedience to God both. Justification deals with the acts of sin. Sanctification deals with the sinful nature. Neither type of sin is to great for God to rid man of. Only God can rid man of sin. Acts of sin are forgiven. Inherited sin is destroyed. Acts of sin are confessed. Indwelling sin is cleansed.

Forgiveness is something God does in Justification. Cleansing from the Adamic Nature is something God does in Sanctification. Both operations are performed by Spirit of the Living God. Justification is something God does to a sinner. Sanctification is something God does to a believer that desires to have the Adamic Nature removed.

No sin is to big or to small for God Almighty. God doesn’t want anyone to be bound by the acts of sin or bound by the inherited sinful nature. God forgives men from the acts of sin. God liberates men from the Devil’s Prisonhouse which is merely the Adamic Nature.

What a mighty God we serve who took upon Himself human flesh so that you and I could be liberated from sin’s bondage or stronghold. Jesus can set the captives free as He leads captivity captive. Jesus can have “full possession” of your mind, soul, and body. Your total being. Everything you are. He can forgive sin and he can remove it completely from the child of God…or my Bible is a lie. Don’t think that’s the case either. Many may find this teaching somewhat unusual but if you dig deep enough into the Bible you’ll find it yourself. It came through the power or a resurrected Christ.

It’s the doctrine of God and not the doctrine of man. There is no Wesleyanism, Calvinism, Lutheranism, Catholic, Baptist, Pentecostal, New Age, or any form of man made doctrine in sin. Just plain and simple Bible Truth. So likewise is God’s great blessing of removing sin from the heart of man.

In reference to the verse in John 1, “if we say we have no sin we deceive ourselves, the truth is not in us”…makes reference to the Gnostic’s who did not believe man had a sinful nature. Sin is two-fold. The acts of sin and inherited sin. That’s what John was making reference to. Many don’t know this because they want to take one verse from the Bible and make a complete doctrine out of it… and then justify sin with it. How sad that some would use the Bible to justify or condone sin…when really its just the opposite. The Bible is to be used to justify and condone righteousness and holy living. It’s used to magnify Christ and the power He gives His children to have over sin. It’s call victory over sin or victory in Jesus either one.

Excuse me for getting blessed when I write these Blogs. I just love Jesus, having fellowship with His saints, and knowing the power of His resurrection. Like God this writer hates sin and loves righteousness. Check out the two different types of sin in the Bible and you will see how God gives the way for man to be “delivered” from it.

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Since 1988 I’ve been writing and doing service for the Lord. It all began in 1987 after a personal walk began with the Lord. This personal walk with the Lord I speak of turned into extensive Bible studies and later evolved into blogging in early 2000. At present I write, author, and publish several different sites on the Internet. My Blogs contain a vast library of Theological writings, teaching videos, and preaching audios that currently go around the globe for the cause of Christ. I write at Christian Blessings on Wordpress, Holy Hubert Lindsey Group on Facebook, Churches on Trial at Google, publish You Tube videos, record sermons at, etc. I also pastor a Church called the Upper Room in Williamsburg, Ohio . My secular Blog called Southwestern Ohio Fishing on Wordpress is where I write about experiences with my son and fishing partner Chad where we together enjoy Mother Nature’s beauty mixed with Father God’s creation. At Southwestern Ohio Fishing Blog I also publish favorite recipes for those who enjoy eating and cooking as much as this writer does. Thanks for sharing your time and life with this writer at the Blogs. Here's more access to my ministry and fishing Blog if you'd care to check them out further. Bible Truth Christian Blessings Holy Hubert Group Facebook Churches on Trial Hubert Lindsey YouTube videos The Upper Room Southwestern Ohio Fishing Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate it! God Bless!
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8 Responses to The distinction between the acts of sin and inherited sin (the Adamic Nature)

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  3. writinggomer says:

    Excellent! Blessed are we that Jesus paid the price for our sins. We are even more blessed in that upon being saved, when we (and we do) commit a sin, we are still forgiven. This is in no way a license to sin, as we mature in our faith we ought to sin less. If we are not growing in our ability to walk in the spirit more, and less in the flesh, then we are not really progressing in our sanctification. Choose to sin, choose to suffer. God does not do all the work, we need to do our part and choose to obey Him.

    • rickroehm says:

      1 John 3:6-9…whosoever abideth in him sinneth not: whosoever sinneth hath not seen him, neither known him. Little children, let no man deceive you: he that doeth righteousness is righteous, even as he is righteous. He that committeth sin is of the devil; for the devil sinneth from the beginning. For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil. Whosoever is born of God doth not commit sin; for his seed remaineth in him: and he cannot sin, because he is born of God.

  4. rickroehm says:

    My dear Sisters thank you for sharing. If I may add a small addendum to your comments,

    The precious blood of Jesus Christ does offer the cleansing power of redemption from the past life of sin, and in the present tense life the morally clean and holy heart. The precious blood of Christ does not in any manner cover secret sins or what some people call involuntary sins (of which there is no such thing). All acts of sin are wilful and voluntary and God does not excuse sinful conduct. The blood of Jesus Christ does not excuse or cover in any manner, sinful conduct (in the future tense). Children of God are accountable to God for what they think and how they act in the eyes of God Almighty. Children of God are given the power of God’s Grace to be the men and women God wants them to be. We are kept by the power of God through faith…Romans 10:10…says, “Man believeth from the heart unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made. Justification is a clean slate and clean heart in the eyes of God. JUST-AS -IF- I’D…never sinned. Pardoned from all past sins. The holy heart makes man eligible to be sanctified from the Adamic Nature that still tries to rule the life of a believer. A justified man is saved and forgiven from sinful conduct. A sanctified man is delivered from inherited sin. Roman 6: 6 says, “That the body of sin might be destroyed”…

  5. ptl2010 says:

    Cleansed by the Blood of the Lamb, may we walk in newness of life to glorify Him! Praise the Lord for victories won in His Name! We magnify the Name of Jesus for Who was, is and is to come. Hallelujah We thank Him for His work in our lives! You ask me how I know He lives. He lives within my heart. Amen.

  6. granbee says:

    Indeed, we do possess a sinful nature, a “bent” nature, as Charles Williams described so well in his Christian allegorical science fiction trilogy. We do commit willful sinful acts. These sinful acts and the inherited sinful nature are both washed clean by the blood of the Lamb as we come to repentance and confession of faith. Then, we go forth in a state of Grace, hallelujah!

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