Companionship in Marriage: The Third Party!

¡Jesús María!“No One can lay any foundation other than the one already laid, which is Jesus Christ.”

Corinthians 3:11

To Experience genuine love with our mate, we must bring a third party into the equation–Jesus Christ. Only through this spiritual connection  with Him can we  begin to fulfill all the potential of the relationship we call marriage.

Anyone who studies the Bible will recognize numerous  principles woven throughout that apply to married life. Judeo–Christian values have effectively guided men and women from the beginning.  These values were inspired by the Creator Himself, the originator of the institution of marriage.  No matter what society says, or how laws change, the precepts that make up this scriptural system remain the way to find love and happiness in life.

Establishing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is the critical first step toward attaining every meaningful goal, including the intimacy we all seek.  If you haven’t already given your heart to Him, we urge you to do so.  It will bring meaning and purpose to every dimension of your life–including your marriage.  Tomorrow we’ll explain how.

Just between us…

How have we been putting biblical principles to work in our marriage?

How can I encourage you to spend more time in God’s Word?

Have we both personally invited Jesus Christ to be Lord of our lives and of our marriage?  if not, can we take that life-changing step right now?

Lord Jesus, You are the foundation of our marriage.  Help us look to You and Your strength in every way as we build a life together.  Amen.

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8 Responses to Companionship in Marriage: The Third Party!

  1. Great post! My parents have been married for 35 years and their favorite saying is “God is the glue.” I always hold onto these words. At our wedding six years ago, Mark and I had a friend sing that song, “Jesus, Be the Center.” Whenever we find our marriage has hit a rough spot, it is usually because we forget that we need Jesus in the middle!

    • wdednh says:

      Isn’t God Great, Just reading your comments makes my blood flow and jump up and down and give praises to the all mighty! We serve an Awesome God! Glory be to God:)

  2. granbee says:

    Evening family Bible study and prayer was present in my childhood home. Saying Grace, giving thanks, and sharing needs and experiences was a frequent part of mealtime in my own children’s rearing.

  3. Noel Williams says:

    That is a wonderful post! Very fitting to my present situation. I really needed to read this post. Thanks for sharing. God bless.

  4. writinggomer says:

    Amen, words to live by.

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