Prayer and Fasting

Well, here it is the beginnings of a new year.  The time for resolutions, fasting, and hopes for something better in our daily lives.  Many churches take this time to fast and pray, seeking God for direction, understanding, deliverance and a fresh fire.  Nothing can compare to being refreshed in the anointing, and bringing the fervor and zeal for the things of God, back into our daily lives.  We all need His direction, His understanding, His fire, His truth, and His anointing to get us through each and every moment of our days.  Fasting and prayer have been a part of the believer’s life since the beginning of time.  Fasting can bring our prayers, praise and worship to a whole new level.  Fasting can increase our ability to discern the voice of God.   Fasting gives the voice and power of God, a clean receptacle through which to flow.   Fasting increases the ability within us, to resist the devil and his temptations.  During times of fasting, the superiority of our humanity becomes humbled before God.  Not to mention, fasting can be beneficial to our health as well.  Considering a fast?  Here are some biblical examples of the power of prayer and fasting…

Jehoshaphat fasts to win a victory over an army of men. 2 Chronicles 20:3

Fasting is pointless without the proper attitude and mindset. Isaiah 58:4

Nehemiah fasts to attain favor with King Artaxerxes.  Favor for his kinsmen and his city. Nehemiah 1:4

Ezra fasts for a safe journey for himself and all those traveling with him. Ezra 8:23

Esther fasts to seek favor with King Xerxes.   Esther. 4:16

Cornelius receives salvation through prayer and fasting.  Acts 10:30

Jesus is able to resist the strong temptations of Satan.  Matthew 4:2-11

Fasting and prayer can result in deliverance from demonic oppression and possession.  Matthew 17:21

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11 Responses to Prayer and Fasting

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  2. writinggomer says:

    Thank you for this enlightening blog on fasting and prayer.

  3. granbee says:

    The fact that Jesus, the only begotten Son of God, practiced fasting with his dedicated prayer times should tell us all we need to know about the importance of fasting and power against evil that fasting fills our souls with. We must empty out before we can take in. We must put on the WHOLE armour of God to face the evils of this world in victory.

  4. Steven Sawyer says:

    Excellent. Thank you, Deborah.

  5. ptl2010 says:

    Fast-in-God for miracles .. He changes us, enemies, circumstances, heals, delivers… we get to know Him more.. it is wonderful! Try it if you have not.

  6. Amen! Whether fasting for meal, a day or a longer period of time, God can surely speak to a person’s heart and help align it with God. Accompanied by prayer, it is a powerful force that can change the person fasting, another person or people, and affect the world around us!

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