Cry Like a Man

Most of us have been taught, mostly by example; that crying is a sign of weekness, unmanliness. “Big boys don’t cry. Brush yourself off and get back in. there”. Therapists would disagree with that notion. We heal through the processes of revealing the hurt openly.
One of the greatest lessons taught by Jesus was that even God who can release, change and deal with pain for situations that He has long known about, is that He must show His pain for our situations

The scripture says; “When Jesus saw her weeping (Mary), and the jews who had come along with her also weeping, He was deeply moved in spirit and troubled. “Where have you laid him?” He asked. “Come see, Lord, ” they replied. Jesus wept. Jesus knew that Lazarus would die. He knew that the following miracle of bringing him back to life would impact his ministry and declare him as the only access to God.
The Creator not only gave us the symbol of his care, he showed his face by coming to us in the form of Jesus. And we can see him cry.

So much He cares that he sent the Holy Spirit to comfort, give us wisdom. and guide us. We do not need to search for God, He resides in us. Phillip Yancey says; ” To search of the Spirit is like hunting for your eyeglasses while you are wearing them”.

I have been prompted many times in recent years to “let it out”. I write a story; barely able to read it aloud for the emotion that it evokes. In part, I would attribute this tenderness to getting old; when we have no longer hold to an image of misleading strength and control to maintain. This may be true. I believe however, if we are truly listening to the Spirit he is saying; I am the humanity in you that requires you to greive as a sign that you get Jesus’ message. I’m telling you that if you hold back and restrain yourself you not only set a poor example in your cloaked humanity, but you impede the restoration process that takes you out of the game.

We have work to do in Him. We must bring about readiness by all means necessary.

About 4hispraise

I am quite simply a child of our Lord God. What good that I have done or may do, I pray will reflect solely on the presence of The Holy Spirit who speaks for me in all things.
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7 Responses to Cry Like a Man

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  2. Joyce de vivre says:

    When I got saved, I don’t know what lightning God took into my heart that brought me to tears. Before,I’m ashamed to go forward to His altar, and cry for the burdens (imagining all the people in the auditorium at my back) but the first time I went forward, I felt that thorns have plucked out of my heart. It’s true that when God changes us, He works first with our heart – tuning it to the right manner, both to act, laugh or to cry when needed.

  3. I feel sorry for anyone who doesn’t cry; for anyone who cannot share grief with another. Most of all I wonder why we are slow to cry over our own sins and over the lost estate of those around us. How can we think of unsaved relatives and friends without tears?

  4. ptl2010 says:

    As we cry to know more of the heart of God and to respond as He did in His day, may we continue that the world may see Christ lives in us and learn to love Him too.
    Thank you UM for highlighting this crying need in ministry.

  5. Pat Momary says:

    I sometimes attributed tears to my aging process, but then I realized it was more that the Spirit in me is doing the crying in sympathy (or empathy?) with someone who is hurting. I began at a young age steeling myself (not usual for females:) to not cry, because my mother cried at so many things. (she: overwhelmed by the troubles our family was experiencing; me: more inclined to tackle things and make an effort to mend them). It is now that I am going deeper into the Word in Bible study and prayer that I realize how wrong I was. Our pastor recently taught, “…you are not God, you never can be God, and realize how totally dependent you are on Him!” I am beginning to appreciate this age of decline and weakness, even with the tears, if it means I am more and more “in Christ”. I expect He is happy to see me begin to settle into my part of His yoke, as well [:-) Pat Momary

  6. granbee says:

    “I’m telling you that if you hold back and restrain yourself you not only set a poor example in your cloaked humanity, but you impede the restoration process that takes you out of the game.” Thank you and bless you for ending this post in this manner. If Jesus was not too good to cry, then I KNOW I’m not!

  7. writinggomer says:

    This is indeed hard to do in front of others. I have, but would rather not. However you are most right. I was speaking to a friend in church one day because I was having a very hard time dealing with what was going on with one of my children. I wound up crying, and the pastor and a couple of our elders prayed for me and for my son. It was not fun, but it did release emotion, and brought about comfort.
    Thanks for sharing today.

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