Having trouble with a Period?

Which one; Yesterday, Today, or Tomorrow? If you are a believer, how about Forever.
Our “success” depends upon how we deal with each of them.

We carry our own pasts with us: Scores of books, songs and photographs reference our perceptions. Milton’s epic “Paradise Lost; ten thousand lines (four b0oks) speaks of justifying the ways of God to mankind. Shakespeare laments: ” Even so my sun one morning did shine with triumphant splendor on my brow, but alack! It was one hour mine”. Been there?
Most us us reading this could call up the contemporary perspective of the past, highlighted by the Beatles “Yesterday”, or Streisand’s, “The Way Things Were”. Reverie sells big time. Where would we be without warm (or sometimes even cold) memories of the past?

Ecclesiastes 8/15 speaks to us in real time; “Then, I commend enjoyment because man has no better thing under the sun than to eat drink and be joyful, for that will remain with him in his toil through the days of his life. Solomon may be a man after many a heart in his suggested Carpe Deum (seize the day) prescription. We find, however, that Scripture has it’s eyes closely upon God’s mandate to seize God’s purpose for us- which has ramifications in our lives beyond today and into the Future and the Forever.

It is that promise that gives us the joy of building and creating. Annie would sing into the hearts of all of us ; “Tomorrow… the sun’s gonna come up tomorrow”.
How is it that tomorrow comes up for many of us as a number one period in our lives.. God would not decry the optimist in any of us who live for the future in Him: serving,growing,communicating each year in a new way. We will have a grand tomorrow because we have fought for it in word and deed ; and within His personal blueprint for our lives.

God commands us, in effect, to look back from whence we came in days past, but not to take up residence.

He shares His perspective of forever, a way better place than tomorrow; where the SON never disappears from view.

About 4hispraise

I am quite simply a child of our Lord God. What good that I have done or may do, I pray will reflect solely on the presence of The Holy Spirit who speaks for me in all things.
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2 Responses to Having trouble with a Period?

  1. granbee says:

    We are to learn from the past, carry forth the good things from the past, build on them ever into the future, looking always at the eternal presence of Our Lord.

  2. ptl2010 says:

    “He shares His perspective of forever, a way better place than tomorrow; where the SON never disappears from view”. – Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! the best is yet to be.

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