Dim Sum – Meritocracy vs the Grace of God


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According to Matthew 20:1–16 Jesus says that any “laborer” who accepts the invitation to the work in the vineyard (said by Jesus to represent the Kingdom of Heaven), no matter how late in the day, will receive an equal reward with those who have been faithful the longest.

At work today, a worker is paid for how a person performs and how much the person contributes. Contributions are usually time based and  productivity based.

The Lord did not consider time or productivity for payment or reward.

What factors were important to the Lord?

– did the worker hear the call to work?

– did he accept the offer?

– was he on time to begin working before the close of day?

Are not those the criteria for salvation of our souls as we relate to the gospel of Jesus Christ?

– have we heard the gospel? have we spent the time to listen?

– have we accepted His offer of forgiveness of sins and eternal life?

– have we been on time to accept salvation ? before our life on earth ends?

Have you heard about death-bed decisions when at the last breath a person called “Jesus” and by that acknowledged his need and acceptance of Jesus, before he passed into eternity? Was he saved even if he lived a horrible life before that decision? According to God’s grace he would be. How can it be you ask. It was God’s grace comes the reply.

You may be like the thief on the cross, accept the salvation offer before you pass away. Jesus said to him  “Today you shall be with me in paradise”.

The reality is you cannot wait for you do not know when you will take your last breath and be able to accept salvation,   for tomorrow may never come for you. The result may be a missed opportunity for eternity. Do not tempt the grace of God to be there for you at your last breath, for you may be in no condition to do it – you may be in a coma, you may be in dementia or you may be mentally incapacitated by a sudden threat or accident.

If you hear, you must act. There may be no more opportunity for you if you do not accept Him when you can before you die.  Do not be  like the fool of whom Jesus said “But God said to him, ‘You fool! This very night your life will be demanded from you.” Luke 12:20. Do not take chances that you will at the end of your life be in a position to accept the Lord.

Do not be another case of “He could have been saved” and lost out at the last moment because he could not.

Accept Jesus Christ today as your Savior and know your sins are forgiven, with your heavy burden of the guilt of sin transferred to the great Burden-bearer. Accept His peace and joy this world cannot give you today……… while you can.

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3 Responses to Dim Sum – Meritocracy vs the Grace of God

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  2. writinggomer says:

    Amen, let anyone reading this who does not know the Lord seek Him out…right now. Here today, gone tomorrow. Here right now…dead five minutes from now. It does happen, don’t wait…the call of God for salvation needs to be answered today, right now! Jesus Christ will accept you as you are, no matter how you are, accept His invitation to live with Him forever.

  3. granbee says:

    We, as joint heirs with Christ, MUST follow our “Big Brother” and work in the Father’s vineyards by His side. Just that simple.

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