Pray for Mathetes Ministry – Update

From David Lee

Dear Friend

Mathetes Centre is a ministry and mission organisation. By ministry, we mean providing people with the vision and skills of disciplemaking within their sphere of influence, be it in church, marketplace or school. In misson, we export our expertise to Christians around the world. We thank God for giving us this vision.

Here are some dates and cities we will be visiting.

February 26 to March 4 HCM City/Danang, Vietnam
March 8 to 10 Batam, Indonesia
March 27 to April 3 East Africa Conference
April 12 to 14 Jakarta, Indonesia
April (in discussion) Chandigarh (North West India)
June 14 to 16 Pahang, Malaysia.

Should you be interested to join us, we will provide you with the training . You can also participate by giving. You can sponsor a whole conference or just support a pastor to cover food, lodging and travel.

In HCM City, we are working with a large indigenous group which numbers 200,000 strong. They are sending leaders from many tribes such as H’mong, M’nong, Ede, K Ho, Bana, Kor Me, Hoa, Thai, Muong, Tay, Dao, Cham just to name a few. They travel long distances to attend the training.

In the East Africa Conference, we expect participants to come from Kenya, Burundi, Rwanda, Tanzania, South Sudan and Uganda.

I see such opportunities as rare and of great strategic importance. Each training will have at least 50 persons. Please pray and consider.

Call me 65-96360695 or email me at MATHETESCENTRE@PACIFIC.NET.SG if you can come or sponsor. Thank you.

David Lee Director Mathetes Centre February 2012

Mathetes Centre is a registered organisation with the Registry of Societies. Our advisors are Rev Ho Chee Sin, former bishop of the Methodist Church,; Rev. Dr Joshua Soh Guan Chin, an ordained Anglican minister; Mr. Allan Wong, past president of Graduates Christian Fellowship.

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2 Responses to Pray for Mathetes Ministry – Update

  1. granbee says:

    I regret that I cannot come there because of prior obligations to work in the Father’s vineyards here during that time. I also have my financial resources spoken for. However, I will pray most earnestly, as I am already doing, for the success of this mission trip.

    • ptl2010 says:

      Thank you for your thoughts and your spirit granbee. Humans like you and me are limited and so we will pray that the Holy Spirit will be there for where the Spirit is, there is liberty and His work will surely get done. Thank you for your earnest prayers for the Word says the earnest prayers of the righteous availeth much.

      The fields are white unto harvest.

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