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First posted July 2010 Reposted 8 February 2012


The house painters reported for work and had been working steadily to complete the job.

There was one shelf made of teak wood in which we kept our linen and towels. It was too heavy for us ladies in the house to move this big monster. So the helpful guys helped us move the shelf from the side to the centre of the room so walls could be painted. Alas, when they lifted the shelf they nearly dropped it on their feet – for there were creepy crawlies galore! Termites! totally covering the area where the base of the shelf had been.

It is one of the most dreaded crawlies as they work faster and more furiously to destroy anything in their way once disturbed, even bringing down houses which have stood for many years. We were advised not to disturb the termitles and immediately call in the termite terminators.

After taking the necessary action to destroy them and preempt further termite advance, I sat down for a rest and the following thoughts came :

Termites are like sin.
Very insidious they grow and expand their territory without us noticing them. How often have we allowed sins to proliferate our lives without recognizing them? We need to identify them.

Termites thrive in damp dark places.
Do we tolerate damp dark places in our lives? Do we thrive in being neither hot nor cold and away from the light of God’s Word? Do we periodically review to ascertain if there are damp dark places in our lives which would allow sin to thrive in? We need to have the Word of God shine into our lives and cleanse the damp dark places in our lives daily.

Termites prefer not to be conspicuous -they hide under a mound of dirt or sand
Do we allow sins to hide beneath bad habits, attitudes and thoughts? Do we live open lives so that nothing gets below eye level and hidden from the glare of the light of God’s Word

Termites become more active and destructive and expand their territory when they are disturbed
Sins cling more tenaciously to us when we try to wring them off us as the enemy would like us to be under bondage Are we allowing sins in our lives to destroy us and expand their territory in our lives? Do we face the sins head on with the power of His Name, the blood of the Lamb, and strength from the Comforter?

Termites need the terminator, not just anybody to kill them and their impact
 Same for sins – we need the Saviour not just any religion, process, hero to overcome them. Have we called upon the Saviour or are we trying with our meagre strength to overcome the sins in our lives?

Termites must be killed or else they will breed.
Yes the same with sins in our lives. We need to kill the sins, and cut them off in the Name of Jesus.

May we turn to the Lord for cleansing for sins of commission and ommission. May we constantly keep under the Blood of Jesus and constantly confess our sins when we fail. May we be watchful in the light of His Word. May we live in victory for it is Christ who strengthens and protects us.

We need to accept the Lord’s victory over sin and live in victory. Let’s not be fooled to accept constant defeat, dominance of sin in our lives and repeating depression.

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8 Responses to Nuggets – Termites!

  1. ptl2010 says:

    Reblogged this on ChristianBlessings and commented:

    “The termites are back! ” So exclaimed our China-born termite terminator and as I discussed with him what further action we need to take, we are agreed we shall fight this enemy together. Then as we continued we discussed that sin is like termites. He said he does not pray to my God, but would like to attend English lessons based on the Bible, at my church. Will you pray with me that we will win one more soul for The Lord? I have a double- header battle on my hands – against termites and sin.

  2. Great analogy!
    We live in tropical Queensland, where there is a fear of termites (white ants). If only we had such a fear and determination towards sin as we do towards a termite infestation!
    At least we have a Conqueror who gives us the victory.

  3. Steven Sawyer says:

    The VICTORY IS OURS! Termites be vanquished!
    Thank you for a great post! God richly bless you

  4. writinggomer says:

    Great analogy, I like sin being compared to termites. Termites are hard to get rid of, they can be very tenacious little critters. Our sins are like that, they almost have a mind of their own and don’t want to be told to leave. But leave they must if we confess to the Lord and walk with Him.

  5. 4hispraise says:

    It been a long time since I have heard a good termite story. Come to think of it there are No good termite stories. I love the metaphor… allegory. Sometimes it takes muscle to remove the board and better yet find how they came to get there in the first place; perhaps leaks in our facade.UM

  6. I love the comparison of termites to sin. This is a great analogy!

  7. granbee says:

    “He moves in darkness, seeking out whom he may destory,” speaking of The Evil One, in scripture. Indeed, His servants the demons are like termites. Extermination is by the Power of the Holy Spirit, first revealing, then destroying. We ourselves have not the power to slay the demons. He, however, is our Sword and our Buckler against such enemies in the dark places of this world.

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