Running With the Herd

If you have ever watched a wildlife show on lions then you know how they hunt. The lions will lay in wait for hours if necessary for their pray. Lions are patient, waiting for just the right moment to strike. The lion will go after the animal that strays from the protection of the herd. Whoever strays behind the group; be it from age, a young one that is curious, one that is sick…these are the ones the lions will attack and bring down. When the lion strikes, it is swift, sure, and savage.

We can learn a lot from the lions in how we ought to be in our walk with Christ.

Just as remaining with the herd for protection from the lion is obviously important, so too must we remain in fellowship with other Christian brothers and sisters. When we wander off by ourselves (isolationism) we are in grave danger of attack from the lion…Satan. When we are out of fellowship with others, not going to church, etc. the attack will be swift and sure. 1 Peter 5:8 Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.

Just as lions look for the weak one, the slow or the lame, our enemy the devil looks for Christians who have wandered away from the faith; those who are weak in their faith, those that do not know the Word, those that don’t feed themselves regularly on the Word, and those that are new born Christians. Don’t misunderstand…Satan can and will attack all Christians, but those who know the Lord well…know how to defend themselves.

We know that there is strength in numbers in the herd, so too is there strength in numbers for us as Christians. Fellowship keeps it real, it gives us the opportunity to be affirmed and to affirm others, Hebrews 10:25 Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another–and all the more as you see the Day approaching. Close fellowship lets us see ourselves as we really are through the eyes of another believer…this is crucial for growth and development! It is also for our own protection, as others can often see our intent and the whole picture of what we intend to do; so can advise us as to the best course of action to take…or not.

When the god of this world sees an opening in our spiritual armor, even better sees that we do not even bother to put it on…you can be sure that he will attack! Don’t give the enemy these kinds of openings; maintain fellowship with other believers. Read your bible…every day! If you don’t know what the armor of God is, find out! Then learn how to put it on. The armor of God is your frontline defense against Satan…use it.

The armor of God can be found here.

For a general (you can use your own words) guide on how to put on the armor, see my post

A Successful Walk With Christ-part two

What are ways in which to defend yourself from the evil one?

  1. Prayer, God wants to hear from you…the devil does not want you to pray!
  2. Worship, Satan hates it when you worship!
  3. The Word, the enemy does not want you to be familiar with your bible
  4. Know the armor of God and use it
  5. Ask God to fill you with the Holy Spirit
  6. Be in fellowship with other believers
  7. Read devotionals
  8. Be involved in a ministry
  9. Be an encourager of others
  10. Disciple others and be a disciple

We don’t want to be seeing Satan behind every bush and tree, but we do need to take his presence seriously. Just as God rules from His throne and all things are under His control, so too does Satan exist. And our enemy the devil strongly desires our failure, desires to separate us from God, desires to help us sin. Good news! In Christ we can ward off the enemy and achieve victory!

Take a hold of the victory already won for you in Christ. Stand in His promises to defend us! Jesus has already won every victory under heaven for us, for in His name; we can walk in the spirit, defeat the enemy, have peace, be forgiven, and have eternal life.

Are you running the race with Christ…or are you just running?

gth                                                                                                                                                2/10/2012



About Greg Holt

About the author: Greg is a strong believer in Jesus Christ and is also a political analyst, author, and is the Editor-in-Chief for the National War Council. By day he is a self-employed non-emergency medical transport driver, as well as being an author and blogger. His articles are first published on TCP News and Inspirational Christian Blogs, and from there the articles are widely published on many well-known conservative websites. If you would like to republish his articles, please feel free to do so leaving all links intact and crediting the author and the website that the article appeared on. Greg is the author of the newly released book: "Spiritual Darkness is Destroying America and the Church" available on
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11 Responses to Running With the Herd

  1. ptl2010 says:

    Hand in hand
    Ghrist, yours, mine
    We will walk the land
    And send His gospel
    To every man
    As He leads and protects us
    Against the foe
    in Jesus’ Name.

  2. We are told not to be ignorant of the devil’s devices and you list a few of those devices here. WE – of ourselves – cannot win against the devil, but when “in Christ” using the armour He has provided, the devil is a defeated foe – as you say in your last paras.
    What a joy to see the devil flee!
    What an amazing God, who gives us the victory!

  3. granbee says:

    Thank you for so effectively reminding us to remain and grow in Christian fellowship with other believers. I promote this constantly in my critterlyfolks’ quest for more and more Light. They can never go forward at all without each other. The antelope that strays from the herd turns itself into prey, for sure! Somehow, we are able to run the race with greater joy in the company of other believers, as well. After all, Jesus set the best example by traveling and teaching and healing in company with The Twelve, right?

  4. Thank you for your reminder to run the race and to stay with others.
    Wise words and I look forward to reading more of your posts

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  6. wdednh says:

    Reblogged this on YOU DECIDE.

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