What was the Hebrew Tabernacle and why was/is it important to Christians? A quiz.

Mormon Tabernacle, SLC, UT (c.1870)

The Hebrew Tabernacle is a major theme in roughly 50 chapters in the Books of Moses (Pentateuch). Yet many of us Christians know more about the Mormon tabernacle in Salt Lake City (pictured at left) and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir than we do about the Tabernacle of the Hebrews. So, this is an open book quiz regarding the Hebrew Tabernacle. Some of these questions are quite easy, some will require your thinking as well as a bit of research.

Hebrew Tabernacle

Take out your pencils and paper, students. Let’s get started:

1. a) What is a tabernacle? b) What was the Hebrew tabernacle.

2. Where in the Bible do we find God’s instructions for construction of the Hebrew Tabernacle?

3. a) What articles did God instruct be placed in the tabernacle? b) what is the function of each?

4. There are actually two curtains in the original Hebrew Tabernacle. Where was each located and how did they differ?

5. Who could enter the tabernacle? When did they do so?

6. What was the function of the High Priest?

7. Where were cherubim found in the Hebrew Tabernacle? Were cherubim a part of the Ark of the Covenant?

8. What articles were placed in the Ark of the Covenant? Why were each placed there?

9. What was the inner most area of the tabernacle called? What was it’s purpose/function?

10. Did anyone live in the tabernacle?

11. When could the Hebrew Tabernacle be moved? How did the Hebrews know it was OK to move it?

12. How did the Hebrew Tabernacle compare to Solomon’s Temple and the Second Temple?

13. What, if any, articles found in the Hebrew Tabernacle could also be found in most Christian churches?

14. According to Jewish tradition, what happened to the original Tabernacle? Who was responsible for taking care of it? (Hint: This will require some research. The answer is not found in the Bible.)

15. Is any of this, other than from an historical perspective, really important to modern day Christians? If so, how and why?

OK, entire libraries could be filled with answers to these questions. But take a shot at just a little piece of the questions asked above. It could be fun and informative, not only for you, but others who read your responses.

Or add other questions about the Tabernacle of your own…




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4 Responses to What was the Hebrew Tabernacle and why was/is it important to Christians? A quiz.

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  2. granbee says:

    The Tabernacle rules also apply to the rules for how we maintain and utilized our spiritual tabernacles, you know!

  3. wdednh says:

    Reblogged this on YOU DECIDE.

  4. wdednh says:

    Awesome, My wife answered all correctly(The Brain Of the Household). Thank you so much for posting this, it was lots of fun 😀

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