Nuggets – Make Him Proud

How long should one think before taking action, when the sky, oops no! when the ceiling boards are falling? It was ten years ago we did a major renovation to our home and about three months ago two ceiling boards came crashing – one ceiling board at the porch where my dad does his daily devotions and pray (that board would have hit him directly if it had fallen in the morning instead of in the afternoon) and the other ceiling board from the second storey ceiling (that board came crashing down into the neighbour’s garden – it was good his dog was not sleeping in the shade over there). Both instances were warnings that the worst could yet be and needed attention.

It has taken us three months to get the right contractor, whom God knew from day one, as on the day when the boards came crashing we received a flyer from a contractor. Thinking I did not have to hurry, I said if it is the Lord’s will for this contractor to be appointed I will find the flyer (things do get lost on my watch) when I needed it. At first it was Christmas, then Chinese New Year when workers from Malaysia or China returned home to celebrate the Lunar New Year and the rains came and have just gone, the search for a contractor was not made till last week.

I had two options
– one a firm of youthful professional consultants (5 -7 years experience?) who seemed to know the theory why the ceiling boards fell and what to do with latest roof and water-proofing techniques by chemical coating of roof tiles,  injection etc and no hacking, and they would outsource the work, with promise for a quote within two weeks. It seemed when asked for a cost estimate that every inch of ceiling board replaced would be costly. Guarantee for good job would be 6 months with certain justifications.
– the other was a firm of 25 years (whose flyer earlier mentioned I found unexpectedly tucked in my church folder while I was doing my church paper-work last week) with the boss-man doing the survey of the job scope, recommending best resolutions, doing immediate measurements, calculations and submission of an all-in job quote with extras thrown in. Guarantee for good job would be 3 years with confidence.

You guessed who got the job – the second contractor gave a good discount for cash payment and could begin work the next day although he was doing three other jobs in town. He had his own task force of Singaporean, Malaysian, Indian and Chinese workers.  At 8.30am the next morning, he was at our gate with his team, ready to raise the scaffolding, hack the balcony floor for waterproofing to prevent the rest of the porch ceiling boards from falling. The boss-man said “pray there will be no rain during water-proofing” and was given a dose of the gospel and   my dad’s testimony of God’s miraculous healing him of epilepsy.

Thank God for the contractors appointed. They are doing a good job and I would recommend them – the boss-man has planned every step of the job and he supplies the manpower and materials timely so that his workers are kept efficiently on the job, with no waste of time, following safety procedures and wearing safety gear. He maintains a happy team of workers with sufficient breaks in between, sufficient refreshment and on the dot job execution. He brings his men at start of the day, ensures they are mobilized and leaves to make his operational rounds for the day. Popping in when his workers least expect him to ensure all are on track during the day, he comes by to inspect the day’s work at the end,  to ensure his workmen tidy up the workplace before they leave for the day.

Two weeks, the boss-man said, and I expect they will be done before the time is up. All will be pleased was the promise – and I can see that coming as the work is progressed very orderly and all parts in tandem. Good finish with floor tiles, roof tiles, ceiling and paintwork should be the result and restoration to full functioning of water drainage, proofing and facade. Yes, they will be the result I am sure.

It is as if the 2 Timothy 2:15-21 is being lived out before my eyes

15Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth…
21If a man therefore purge himself from these, he shall be a vessel unto honour, sanctified, and meet for the master’s use, and prepared unto every good work.”

The boss-man had studied the best operational processes and practices over the years and rightly decides on the steps to adopt, he provides the instruction and the framework of resources and compliance with good labour laws for safety, respect, refreshment, rest and payment, for his workers to follow (undistracted by vain babblings and discontent). The workmen  implement good practices with confidence, in a timely manner and safely using the  best materials provided. The end would be workmanship they will not be ashamed of, I have no doubt.

It will be the same with us – if the Lord has given us a work to do, may we acquit ourselves with respect and pride as we follow Him our Boss-man all the way. We know then we will not be ashamed when our work is done.

Are we ready to take on His work?

Are we following Him?

Are we being distracted?

Will we not be ashamed?

Here’s a a Sunday School chorus I used to sing:

We are building day by day
In our work and in our play
Not with hammer blow on blow
Not with timber sawing so
Building a house not made with hands
Following Jesus’ perfect plans
Little children all are we
Building a house for eternity.

Let us make our Boss proud.

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5 Responses to Nuggets – Make Him Proud

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  2. granbee says:

    Indeed, little children all are we, building a house for eternity! Thank you for this excellent report on different building practices and how they apply to the building of our own spiritual houses.Amen!

  3. ptl2010 says:

    Someone asked me…do we just follow the Bossman blindly? or robot-like?
    No.. we follow Him because
    – He has got the best plan for us
    – He will lead us in the right paths so we do not waste time undoing things made wrong
    – He will help us not stumble, and if because of some waywardness we do, He will pick us up
    – He will look out for our safety, even in our unguarded moments
    – He will provide for every resource we need, our Jehovah Jireh
    – He loves us and we reciprocate for that is our only response of appreciation.
    – He really cares for us – who does? for our good?

    Yes, I will choose Him any time.. for His love…He loved us first.

  4. wdednh says:

    Reblogged this on YOU DECIDE.

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