Fire-Origin Species

Pinus radiata Pine cone on forest floor

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Once there was a man who suffered great loss because of an accident and wanted to be alone for a while; but he worried whether he was doing the right thing. Then one day a friend told him that when pine cones fall off the lodge pole pine trees, they are sealed shut so the seeds inside can’t get out. The pine cones lie on the forest floor-sometimes for decades-until a forest fires weeps through. Heat from the fire melts the seal and the seeds fall out and finally grow, and that’s why the lodge pole is called a “fire-origin species,” than as he was handing his friend a Bible, added let God be the forest fire you need to melt the sadness away and brings out the new growth.

As the man held the Bible in his hand, he felt good about himself. “Fire-origin species” is a good name for people who’ve been burned by life and find a new growth by letting God into their life.

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2 Responses to Fire-Origin Species

  1. writinggomer says:

    “burned by life”, that was how I was returned to my Lord…Amen!

  2. granbee says:

    A most inspirational and beautiful post here! I am so very grateful for the spiritual beauty and truth here! The lodgepole pine cone releasing the seeds for new growth in the fire is a terriffic analogy for how we see people blessed “out of the fires”, the trials, of this world. They grown into new life in Him in many cases–IF someone is there to provide a little loving guidance!

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