The Right Thing to Do?

You sign a rental lease, and price once negotiated, you expect to move in with all the agreed terms and benefits. Then, things quickly happen. The air-conditioning starts to malfunction (despite this being a new building). With no windows in our office unit, the only option is to keep the only door open. That does not help because the air-conditioning units serving the narrow public corridor outside are turned off (controlled by the property owner). Plus, other sub-tenants next to us rock with the occasional symphony of their vocal intercessions. The failed air-conditioning situation most recently lasted a little over two working weeks. And it still continues at the point of writing …

What does anyone do in such dire straits? Feedback to our direct landlord (turns out we are the sub-tenant)? We did, and they dutifully informed the property owner. Only to come back to say that “the rain tripped the compressors”, and subsequently to even contend that our unit is electrically overloaded, thereby contributing to the compressors tripping. Interesting hypothesis because we each plug our computers and printer to individual power outlets. Even more interesting for on beautiful sunny days, our unit’s air-conditioning still fails. So much for the rain tripping it! The situation persists, and was it mentioned that only our unit on the same floor is affected by all this? How quaint! That is why the maintenance manager came in one day and nonchalantly announced, “We turned off your unit’s air-conditioning yesterday.” Without so much as an advisory, nor regard that there are people working inside that day. Incredible, huh?

What does anyone do then? It was recommended that we pray over this; pray for the property maintenance department. One person even asked us to bless the department. All fine and good; cannot argue with the spirit behind all these recommendations really. Oh, had it been mentioned that these recommendations were made by third party folks who factually did not have to remain in the affected unit day in and day out, while trying to get some decent work done?

So, for those who fall into the affected lot, what remains for us to do? Endure…endure…and endure even more. Indefinitely it seems because no one has come to advise when all this will come to a glorious end. Would this be a good time for the exercising of …er…rights? Are we even entitled to any? If we are, could this also be an opportunity to …extend grace to those who reside in higher positions, while those lower remain at their mercy? Throughout this process, a scriptural verse keeps recurring in my mind: “..whatever you did  for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me” (Matthew 25:40). Does this verse also apply if the words “not do” are added? I am willing to believe so! Oh, did I mention that all parties involved are like-minded folks? May the Lord help all to do the right thing!

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5 Responses to The Right Thing to Do?

  1. writinggomer says:

    Have to agree with ptl…you are being treated unfairly. Standing up for what is right, without being nasty about it is a good thing. The building owner needs to take charge of the situation and fix it.
    Will pray for you.

  2. granbee says:

    We are told in scripture not to take our disputes to the courts of men, but to go directly to those involved to resolve our differences. Arbitration is such a wonderful resource when used in this manner!

  3. ptl2010 says:

    With tongue in cheek, tell your landlord that you will do him the favour of replacing the air-conditioning unit and charging him for it if nothing is done within two weeks, and you will deduct one months’ rental from the next lease rental for the airconditioning outage of one month (tell him, no you will not include a deduction for the electricity he saved with the outage out of goodwill) – we are not to be doormats under excuse of being Christians – we can be firm without being nasty. Alternatively, you could negotiate for lower rental without air-conditioning provided the building owner allows you to replace the air-conditioner. If landlord does nothing then tell him you would revoke the contract as he has not kept his side of the bargain from the start. Pray and we will pray with you that the Lord will lead you out of this sticky situation. The Lord will help you be a good steward of His money. The least of my brothers situation does not apply here. .. in fact you are the least of the brothers here.

    • cwfkys11 says:

      Thanks…the “least of the brothers DOES apply here I think. And yes, I do feel my colleagues and I are the least of the brethren (nonetheless, God loves us even more, praise Him!). So, “whatever is not done for the least of the brothers, is not done for me” says the Lord. And I cling on to the fact that God’s justice will be executed eventually, does not matter how, because Father knows. For now, we will choose to trust that this too is for our good!

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