Faith Child – Ties that bind

Family ties bond members to live according to God’s plan. Today, families are the worst victims of broken ties that bind. We see it in the lives of parents, children, grandparents. There was a time when parents looked after their children, how many grandparents today are bringing up their grandchildren instead, as parents break ties that bind between themselves and their children. It it is hurtful all round and we must stop this practice among the children of God for it does not bring honor and glory to Him.  Every Faith child must know that ties that bind have been initiated by the Lord.

He shows us the way of how to have ties that bind relationships – between husband and wife, parents and children, grandparents(the widows, elders,) and children/grandchildren in His Word and from His relationship to His chosen people, in love, redemption, grace and mercy, second chance in longsuffering and patience. We ignore them to our pain and hurt.

Families that prayed together stayed together. However when overtime work and social networking took priority over family, there was no time for prayer yea, much less for family bonds.

The ease of changing partners becoming prevalent, took away family loyalty and innocent children suffered the consequence of adulterous love affairs and the web of inheritance intrigues. Broken families and hate, jeolousy and condemnation predominate as what is broken like Humpty Dumpty, cannot be repaired to wholeness until there is a change of heart by the Creator Himself. The simple family with ties that bind has become a complicated hive of stinging bees.

Prenuptial agreements, marriage by contract for specified periods subject to review,  is bringing another jeopardy to the family today. How will children under marriage contract of two years feel in the future? Insecure  –  will they have father or mother in two years’ time and have none for the rest of their lives? will they be the subject of matrimonial conflicts and battles for custody of them? It is sad that there are so many who would choose to live contrary to the precepts of God,  making their dependents and themselves  suffer the consequence for such exception. The rule is clear – what we sow, we reap.

Family churches which once held the community together, have become overtaken by  public show,  display and publicity – personal relationships and attachments over-ridden by crowd pooling fleeting hi’s and bye’s. How many attend the prayer meetings? Where is the praying church which now depends on technology and showmanship rather than the Spirit pull?

May the Lord forgive us for our lack of commitment and faithfulness and care for each other, for forgetting the necessary bonds that tie us together in faith and response.

May we re-establish the  healthy ties that bind family (physical and spiritual) to one another that we may grow into a building fitly framed not made with hands but with God’s love. Let us appeciate each other’s strength and tap them to enrich our spiritual knowledge, skills and love for one another, spurring each other to higher heights in worshipping and glorifying God. Let us  become more patient like Him,  towards one another.

What are the consequences of being a loner, separated from others and short-term happy only to dwell on I, Me and My? It is being isolated with no protection against the enemy assaults, being open to friendly fire and feeling insecure for what happens when one can no longer recognize or take care of oneself independently? Money cannot buy honest true love or replace the ties that bind which mean more than words can tell. To have someone be there when you need to feel just the touch of a hand, to hear a welcome familiar voice, to feel cared for in the hour of need, to know that there will be help responding to your call in the middle of the night and bascially to minister and to be ministered to when we least can do for ourselves.

The early church cared for each other. Can we  stop the roll which is  gaining momentum, in the breaking of the ties that bind in your family and in the family of God? Today it may be someone else’s need that you respond to, tomorrow who will respond to yours?

We need each other to live above the world and in the world.
May God help us stop the erosion of ties that bind and become proactive in shedding abroad the fruit of the Spirit with love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness and goodness and everything good,  or which the Lord will make good in His time in our lives. Let us offer ourselves as living sacrifices to Him, perchance to save some from the bondage of the enemy. Let us be His angels of mercy to those who have lost their way because of broken ties that bind. Has it got to come to this –

having a public guardian for each of us instead of the way the Lord had it organized that we should take care of one another in love?

May our young people learn the value of ties that bind in the family of God especially as families are smaller with fewer members these days. Let us be faithful to one another and have some loyalty to the households the Lord has planted us in.  We will not regret it.

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2 Responses to Faith Child – Ties that bind

  1. 4hispraise says:

    Your observations are so on target. In so many churches the “show is the thing”. I visited a church not long ago that prided itself on spending $157,000 on a sound system… another who has to constantly book performers (some secular) at market prices to pay for their overbuilt sanctuary and a totally vacant lower floor that has remained unfinished. The congregation has remained stattic. Who said “build it an they will come”?….. overbuild and they will leave.

  2. granbee says:

    Let us right now, today, here and now, tie our hearts and minds to those of others in our Christian families around the world and BIND ourselves to each for the benefit of His Kingdom!

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