God’s Showing His Age. Is It Time for a Makeover? (Reblogged)

I heard it again last night… the debate about God’s relevance in our modern world. Statements such as “God is dead,” “God is no longer culturally relevant,” and “God needs to catch up with our modern world.” were cast about.

In response, I am reblogging this:



God’s Showing His Age. Is It Time for a Makeover?

We have become a people obsessed with youth. We want to look young, feel young and act young. As one who looks and feels the ravages of aging, I can relate. Getting on the floor with my granddaughters is easy. Getting up… not so much!

So, in response to this passion for youth, what do we do?

We get makeovers, all sorts of makeovers. There are the cosmetic surgery, Botox, health diets and exercising. Then there’s the clothing, having the latest and greatest in our homes and the electronic toys. Young, young, young! Or modern and up to date. And we try to keep up with the changes in culture and knowledge. The “Age of Enlightenment” and all that.

It’s not all bad. Neither is it all good. Especially when it becomes an obsession.

But in human terms, God is just plain OLD! As we measure time, God is literally older than dirt. There have been a lot of changes in this old world since God was a youngster. (Ponder that one, friends)

So, isn’t it about time God got a makeover? Not so much His looks. After all, who ever sees God anyway? But He’s certainly dated… old-fashioned… staid and out-of-touch. What’s “hip” about God?

Those you who know me are probably asking yourselves “What’s gotten into Art today? He’s always seemed to like God pretty much the way He IS… and has always been.” (Human perspective)

Let me assure you, Art hasn’t changed his views. God IS the same yesterday, today and forever.
Yet I do struggle often. Try as I might, there are times when I define God the way I want Him to be, not as He IS. We all do. It’s impossible to avoid while living among other human beings.

God created us in His image. Where we really go wrong is when we try to remake God into our image, to reflect our desires, our character, our values and how we want Him to respond to us.

Can you think of a situation where you (individually or collectively) have defined God they way you want Him to be?

Why would we want to do that? God is perfect the way He IS, right?

We immediately run into problems when we try to “define” God instead of getting to “know” God.

We’re sinful, selfish. We want to “fit” in the world. We want a God that is contemporary. That would make things so much easier, wouldn’t it?

So, let’s make this real simple:

God is perfect.

Humans are imperfect.

God is unchanging.

Humanity is fickle.

Why in heaven’s name would we want to remake God into our image of what He should be, into our character?

Get to know Him as He IS. It’s all in your Bible.

Shalom, Art
Alive in The World


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Missouri, USA Married to Marty, 45 years 2 sons (with 2 daughers-in-law) and 2 granddaughters Life dedicated to serving Jesus Christ and delivering the Good News
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5 Responses to God’s Showing His Age. Is It Time for a Makeover? (Reblogged)

  1. granbee says:

    First of all, “time” is purely a man-made invention! Therefore, there IS no “aging” with God! And after we “cross over the Jordan”, we will no longer age or have any need for clocks and calendars, praise be to God!

    • Well, God “created” time… and space! We humans just figured out was to count and measure both. And now we’re so bound by them, we can’t really think or communicated without including these dimensions.

      What we’re talking about here is sometimes called the “Is-ness” of God… all those “omni’s”. When I ponder the full meaning of “I AM”…. well, it’s much more than my pea-brain can master.

      Awesome, Amazing… pick your superlatives, add them all together and raise them to the gazillionth power…. and it still falls short of the magnificence of God.

      Shalom, Art

  2. ptl2010 says:

    Glad our God is the same, yesterday, today and forever. We change over time He does not.
    We ought to change to His image.. for we strayed.. not the other way around.

    Thanks Art.

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