Oh to be Wise

“The tents of robbers are at peace, and those who provoke God are secure, who bring God in their hand. But ask now the beasts, and they will teach you; the birds of the air, and they will tell you; or the plants of the earth, and they will teach you; and the fish of the sea will declare to you.” Job 12:6-8.

One does not have to be a student of the bible to know that Solomon was a wise man.
The “wisdom of Solomon” is known as a common expression. On the one hand he was wise; for when God asked him what, of all things, he desired to have; he replied “wisdom”. On the other hand Solomon fell into a tragic and dark side.

We wonder if that is not true of all of us. We learn from simple things of nature as above. We are taught wisdom by our families and mentors. I suspect that there are few of us are born with innate good or reason. We do, however, acquire so very much of it from trial and error, but most certainly from God’s Word.

Aristotle said, ” In the brain of the wisest of men always resides the corner of the fool.” Aristotle might have been thinking of Solomon because it describes him so well. In all of his piety Solomon loved beautiful and foreign women. His wife and concubines were well-known. God had warned the Israelites against intermarrying because of the collision of convictions. He had a mixed bag of beliefs and convictions as a result. He sanctioned or participated in these perversions. His institution of the corv’ees, which were slave labor camps that subscribed men and women, and created war between factions of the nation.

What can we possibly glean from this? The thought that even the blessed and mighty can fall. That wisdom, great as it is, does not insure moral behavior. God has never asked me; “What is it you would request of me, above all things”. In my age I doubt that He will. He has, on the other hand given me all that I need and more. The wisdom side of me says; It cannot get better than that.

There was a time that I revered wisdom above most things. If there is one thing that Solomon’s experience taught me is that when you get what you most want in life; love, peace, family and opportunity, don’t screw it up. Listen to that voice inside that says; “Keep My commandments and you will be with Me in paradise.” We would wonder whether in all his wisdom, if that was truly Solomon’s destination.

About 4hispraise

I am quite simply a child of our Lord God. What good that I have done or may do, I pray will reflect solely on the presence of The Holy Spirit who speaks for me in all things.
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4 Responses to Oh to be Wise

  1. granbee says:

    All through this most instructive post, Milt, I kept thinking of that old folk saying, “Be careful what you ask for; you just might get it!” I am so relieve to know that I am not the only one wondering about Solomon’s true wisdom: was it really spiritual wisdom or just temporal wisdom? Hmmm…..

  2. writinggomer says:

    Thanks for a great post Milt.
    True wisdom will be reflected in the way one walks with the Lord. What lessons have I learned? What mistakes have I made and have I learned not to make them again? Am I open to instruction and correction or not? Do I take things to my Lord first, or to my friends? I have some more walking to do myself…

    This is from Proverbs 8:5-14
    5 You who are simple, gain prudence;
    you who are foolish, set your hearts on it.

    6 Listen, for I have trustworthy things to say;
    I open my lips to speak what is right.

    7 My mouth speaks what is true,
    for my lips detest wickedness.

    8 All the words of my mouth are just;
    none of them is crooked or perverse.

    9 To the discerning all of them are right;
    they are upright to those who have found knowledge.

    10 Choose my instruction instead of silver,
    knowledge rather than choice gold,

    11 for wisdom is more precious than rubies,
    and nothing you desire can compare with her.

    12 “I, wisdom, dwell together with prudence;
    I possess knowledge and discretion.

    13 To fear the Lord is to hate evil;
    I hate pride and arrogance,
    evil behavior and perverse speech.

    14 Counsel and sound judgment are mine;
    I have insight, I have power.

  3. 4hispraise says:

    Wisdom must be hard to define. Even the dictionary says it is ” Being wise, and of sound judgement.” The question is; under who’s dictate.. The bible refers to Three Wise men, wihout suggesting anything other than they chose to follow God’s star. I’ll buy that one. Being older suggests being wiser, but probably because we have suffered because of our bad choices. I suppose that we, in our age, make fewer of them. Someone wrote “Wisdom rises upon the Ruins of Folly”. Thanks for your comment; we have always been on the same page.

  4. As we mature (age, ripen), our perspectives and priorities certainly change, don’t they Milt. Is that the “wisdom of age(s)?

    Great blog!

    Shalom, Art

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