To Stay or Not to Stay ..

I currently attend Andrew Wommack’s “Charis Bible College”.  Classes are being held every Monday night at the church I have called my home church.  There is an undeniable anointing on the classes, even though our classes are via DVD teachings.  Last night, I came away with a wonderful nugget of truth that I had never taken the time to meditate on, in the past.  This truth deals with our own personal reasons for attending church.  And with the ways the church has come to deal with their parishioners.      I had to stop and ask myself, “why do you go to church and what do you hope to come away with”?      Mr. Bennett (this week’s teacher), pointed out that too many churches of today minister to our soul, and very little to our spirit.   Isn’t that something to ponder?  What does it mean for a church to minister to the soul?  It means that churches may go to great lengths to avoid offending someone with the harsh realities of the truth of God.  It means that the church will go to great lengths to soften or candy coat the Word of God.  It means that the church can put on an excellent praise and worship session but the sermon itself is a lackluster performance.  It means that the church wants to be sure that you left feeling good, because it is about ministering to your feelings.  (If you left feeling good, you will probably be back next Sunday.)  Nothing wrong with feeling good at church, but there should be a balance.  There should be times that you don’t particularly want to hear what is being preached.  There should be times when you think to yourself, “wow, God, You really DO got my number, ouch”! There should be times when you think to yourself, ” I was better off NOT knowing that”!  “There should be times when an audible ‘amen’ is tough to express because the conviction has taken your breath away.      Our responsibility as Christians, is to find a church we can call home.  Finding a home church should never be a decision we make based on feelings or emotions or convenience or generational attendance or popularity.  Seeking a home church should be prayed over, and we must have a general idea of the doctrine and reputation of the Lead Pastor and leaders of the church, before calling a church home.      Once we do find the church God has placed us in, we do not stay or leave based on how the church makes us feel.  Far too many Christians today leave a church over an emotional decision.  We gotta be tougher than the offenses.  We gotta be more determined in our spirits than we are lead by our feelings.  So what if the Pastor didn’t even bother to acknowledge you.  Don’t take it personal or you will be doing a lot of church hopping.  So what if sister Barb has said some nasty things about you, she has no idea what is between you and God.  If it is the church God has lead you to, then if sister Barb continues her nasty remarks, SHE will be removed from the church, sooner or later.  So you’ve done a lot for your church lately and nobody has bothered to make note of your hard work?  Encourage yourself with the verse of Matthew 6:4 and remind God and yourself that He knows what you do and that is good enough for you!      If God has called you to a church and you allow offense or feelings and emotions to become your reason for staying, there will be no growth for you within this church.  If you leave a church because of offense or feelings and emotions, then you will never find a church within which to grow.      You decide.  Ask God to help you look inside your own heart.  Let your motivations and reasons be  because this is where God would have you to be.  No reason to look for something better if God has brought you to this church.  When your feelings get hurt (and they will get hurt), make the choice to forgive and move forward and God will be right there with you, encouraging you in your choices.

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10 Responses to To Stay or Not to Stay ..

  1. granbee says:

    Debra, bless you abundantly for this wonderful post that addresses SUCH a common problem in our churches. Your line here, “Let your motivations and reasons be because this is where God would have you to be. ” perfectly sums up why we should remain in our church families, regardless of day-to-day “feelings.” A wonderful minister I had in another state used to remind us. “You are where God wants you.” AMEN!

  2. writinggomer says:

    Great post debradoo. Way to many leave because of hurt feelings or imagined slights. Toughen up a little. If we can’t handle a little problem in church, how are we going to handle what comes our way as Christian people of the Lord?

  3. wdednh says:

    Reblogged this on YOU DECIDE.

  4. cwfkys11 says:

    Great thoughts and challenge! Not encouraging “church hopping”, but as is said, HE LEADS, and only the individual knows (hopefully!!!) whether the leaving or staying is GOD LED! There is plenty of room for all to ponder over this issue: Church leaders, take the lead! Thanks…

    • debradoo says:

      Truly spoken cwfkysll! Leaving or staying should be led of God. NOT of our own volition. There is a difference indeed between ‘church hopping’ and being led of God to replant ourselves in a new church.

  5. debradoo says:

    Exactly Evelyn. Ego is a huge part of our emotional decision making when we choose to follow our feelings. Blessings my friend!

  6. ptl2010 says:

    Today some say “I don’t need church.. I will go it on my own”
    Others say “It is for life”
    Still others “It is for this season,”
    “It is now I must go to the next church for a new season of my life”
    Where He leads me I will follow.
    Are you following Him or your ego?

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