Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus, greetings and love on this blessed Palm Sunday Weekend and lead up to Holy Week.

We ARE the Resurrection People.

We HAVE jurisdiction over the dark powers of this world, in His Holy Name.

We HAVE power because of His Resurrection, His defeat of death and the grave.

We ARE His warriors for the right here on Earth.

It is not our work to make the law or to judge, for that is His right alone.

It IS our work here on this earth to stand up against the dark forces of the Evil One,

in His Holy, Blessed Name.

Let us put on the whole armour of God and claim our rightful jurisdiction, as

Shelley Mathis, the author of this emailed article forwarded to me this week,

so clearly outlines.



I had a vision of an officer of the law dressed in uniform and belted with weapons. He was standing in the center of his assigned jurisdiction.


The legal power or authority of doing justice in cases of complaint; the power of executing the laws and distributing justice.
Power of governing or legislating.
The power or right of exercising authority.
The limit (boundaries) within which power may be exercised.

He knew the laws of the land and was appointed to execute them. He was trained to discern those who violated the law and empowered with authority to arrest and bring them to justice. Thus he was equipped with all the training and tools he needed to fulfill his commission; however, the officer seemed to be paralyzed or asleep on his feet while the criminals wreaked havoc about him.

I heard the Lord say, “You, My people, are like this officer. You possess jurisdiction – the power of governing – your body, soul, spirit, and all that lies within the realm of your responsibility. You know My Word and by it can discern between good and evil, truth and error. The Holy Spirit Himself dwells in you, and you are empowered with My authority. Your commission is to exercise it over every work of darkness that seeks to invade your jurisdiction.

“And yet the enemy has convinced many of you that you do not have the ability to identify, arrest, and execute My judgment against him – and thus make him stop. This lie has emasculated your spiritual power and annihilated your threat against him.

“I am awakening afresh those who have been paralyzed and calling you forth to remember your spiritual identity. Do whatever it takes to convince yourself of the reality of your delegated authority. Learn it, practice it, and exercise it to remove the enemy from your areas of responsibility. This personal revival will act as a trigger that will generate the breakthrough you have desired and needed to defeat the enemy’s attacks against you. That is your commission; do the work!”

Luke 9:1-2 When Jesus had called the Twelve together, he gave them power and authority to drive out all demons and to cure diseases, and he sent them out to preach the kingdom of God and to heal the sick.

John 5:30 I can of Myself do nothing. As I hear, I judge; and My judgment is righteous, because I do not seek My own will but the will of the Father who sent Me.

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  1. I love your opening words.
    We STAND against the forces of evil with all the resources of heaven at our disposal. The devil and all his angels are defeated foes – defeated by the living Christ. When we submit to Him and resist the devil, the devil MUST flee. He is already defeated.

    The sad part about this is that we sometimes tend to forget. We sometimes try to do things on our own, even though we KNOW we can do NOTHING of ourself. What a wonderful God we serve, that when we realise our failure, He not only receives us but empowers us and gives us the victory.

    What an amazing God!

    • granbee says:

      Bless you for your strong affirmation of my opening in this post. I pray constantly that all Christians everywhere will fully focus on fighting against the dark powers of this world, not against political leaders or corporations, etc. How very right you are to re-emphasize that we can do NOTHING on our own, but ALL THINGS with Him who made us! AMEN!

  2. writinggomer says:

    Excellent granbee! Thank you for this reminder of what we are to be as Christians. We can’t hope to win the battle of ourselves, but we can have the Spirit of One who has won the battle living in us, and therefore claim the victory.

    • granbee says:

      Oh, yes, yes, yes, Brother Greg: we can do ALL THINGS through the Holy Spirit of the One who made us and laid the very foundations of the worlds. Hallelujah!

  3. granbee says:

    Wow,Steven, I KNEW there had to be a lot of common background! Thank you for following up with this exciting information. My son, daughter-in-law and two beyond-precious grandchildren live in Decatur,GA, part of metro Atlanta, as you know! My son is an engineer, also! I like Montgomery much better than NW Alabama, but I know God wants me here a few more years. Later, we are thinking about doing one of those super-effificient log cabin/earth homes somewhere in North Georgia. God bless Georgia, as He already has with you and your wife’s presence and lives of servanthood to Him.

  4. ptl2010 says:

    Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.
    Christians have been paralyzed through the ages because they failed to hear this word from the Lord.
    Not only did He give His word, the sword of the Spirit, He gave us the authority in Christ Jesus over the powers that be and many choose rather to bow down to the powers that be, than walk in freedom and authority over sin and darkness .. for man loved darkness rather than light.
    Oh what a captive is man who does not know the power of God.
    And He gave us power and authority but we fall not at the feet of that Authority but at the feel of the imposter. No wonder there is such misery. Man is bound by the lies of the enemy.

    Each Easter He reminds of the Resurrection power that empowers us to live above the world.
    – what a privilege to accept and live abundantly by the power of His Holy Spirit. Thank You Jesus.

    • granbee says:

      Bless you for expanding upon my message, and that of Shelley, here, dear ptl2010! Yes, we are MOST thankful to be able to live abundantly by the power of the Holy Spirit and have power and authority over the evil places of this world.

  5. Steven Sawyer says:

    Thank you, granbee, my beloved sister in Christ. And thank you so much for your wonderful reminders of who we are and what our jurisdiction in Christ is. I enjoyed reading your post, and your attached email. God bless you, granbee. I always look forward to your posts and your thoughts. God bless youo on this special Holy Week weekend.

    • granbee says:

      Steven, I cannot find words to properly thank you for your encouragement here. I often think I live in SUCH a different world than many of the other Christian Blessing authors! But I know God has me exactly where He wants me; and this is what I share with all of you! As you know, I really look with joy upon each and every one of your own posts and learn so much from them. They have helped me in innumerable ways in my own walk with Him, and for Him, here in NW Alabama!

      • Steven Sawyer says:

        Thank you, as always, for your encouragement. Alabama! Alabama!! ALABAMA! I had no idea where you lived, My wife and I lived in Montgomery for 28 years. I love Montgomery, I love Alabama and I love Alabama football! We now live in an Atlanta suburb, but we travel to Montgomery occasionally to visit with my son who is a network engineer there. Small world. And spiritually speaking as well, I think we have lots in common. So nice to be blogging with a fellow Southerner. God bless you and God Bless Alabama!

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