As Easter approaches, thought this would be worth sharing again.


Was your Easter ham kosher?

Last week, I asked this of many customers as they purchased a ham for their Easter feast. Huh… A KOSHER ham! Never heard of such a thing.

Old Moshe would be rolling in his grave, wouldn’t he. Would that make him a Holy Roller?

Well, I was selective in the people I asked this question, people I knew or recognized. People who know I have a sense of humor that is a bit off much of the time. But I had a purpose is asking this question.

Most, as they purchased their Easter hams also had an assortment of other things, eggs, stuffed bunnies, dyes, mucho wine. Often they had children with them who were very excited about Easter and all the gifts and celebration. And we should celebrate! There is no more wonderful time than Easter. What is represented by that celebration is the…

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  1. writinggomer says:

    My ham comes from the store, and it tastes good too. 🙂
    As for Easter…praise God for His finished work on the cross, His defeat of death. What a great God we serve, a God who saved us by giving Himself up to death, rising from the dead, and then offering us His sinful people a gift He paid a steep price for. Thank you Lord. Amen.

  2. granbee says:

    Love this question of a “kosher ham”. No salvation in the Old Law, only salvation by the New Law of Christ crucified and risen for us!

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