Faith Child – I’ll do it all for Jesus

¡Jesús María!

If the Saviour stood beside me, I’ll do it all for Jesus

If you could see Jesus by you, what would you do more which you are not doing for Jesus now because you say you love Him?

The Sunday School chorus says

1  In the house and out of doors
Scrubbing pots and sweeping floors,
Washing, ironing, mending too;
These are things that I can do.

I’ll do it all for Jesus,
I’ll do it all for Jesus,
I’ll do it all for Jesus,
For He’s done so much for me.

2  In the house and out of doors
Chopping wood and doing chores,
Pounding nails or driving screws;
These are things that I can do.

3  In the schoolroom through the week
Keep me, Lord, both pure and meek;
Doing lessons neatly too;
Hard or easy, help me through.

When you are doing things for Jesus because you love Him and not because of people’s expectations, you will not be
easily discouraged because you have heard from Jesus before you progressed
doing your will or another’s will, but His.  Sometimes this may be difficult especially if you are at the bottom of the chain as it may  seem to be impudence if others do not understand your stance.
nitpicking, finding fault or be floored by criticism which should be taken as against Him as you  operate according to His plan
doing things in your own strength but His – that means He provides the long-haul perspective and sustains you to the end in that direction if you are willing to go with Him and not get distracted or stop or lose interest
saving your face but His reputation
not allow the flesh to take control if you can help it.

You will
do what is right
love rather than take revenge
return good for evil
dare to speak up for Him in adversarial circumstances for He will put His words into my mouth when I do not know what to say e.g. under persecution
dare to spread the gospel in environments which oppose the spread of the gospel e.g. in religious minority situations which could lead to imprisonment, lashings, or persecution to self and family
speak the truth and shame the devil e.g. in disciplinary cases in church even in cases of ex- communication of self

Examine your self, your beliefs and your values – what will you do for Jesus in appreciation for His life?

You say you love Him. Love, love, love how much is your love for Him?

It is all your list, as unto Him.. so add much do you love Him?

I’ll do it all voluntarily for Jesus because He voluntarily loved and saved me from hell when I accepted Him. He is my Boss. If I can please my bosses, why should I not please my Boss? Yes, I will not forget I AM only His servant. I WANT to please Him. I WANT to follow Him.

P.S. Nobody can make you do anything for someone you do not love.
You do not have to do anything for Jesus if you do not want to. So do not do it even if others expect you to do it. Of all things, do not be a hypocrite because it is wasted effort on your part as He knows your heart and will not accept it.


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2 Responses to Faith Child – I’ll do it all for Jesus

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  2. granbee says:

    Oh, Lord, let me walk with Thee, every step,every breath, every bit of my way in life for YOU!

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