Climbing DOWN the Ladder

It seems all the world pressures us to climb UP the ladders of life to success. We are pressured by peers and advertising to acquire the trappings of success. We are judged by others on how we ave succeeded in our careers, our lifestyles and even on how our children perform.

Our lives are chock full of ladders that need to be climbed.

Our Lord and Savior taught us humility. He taught us that we needed to be the least, like children. He taught us that the meek shall inherit the earth.

The Apostle Paul spoke about not boasting. Then, it seemed, that he went on to talk about all of the things he’d done. How is it then that he was not boasting? He always gave the credit for the accomplishment to Jesus working through the Holy Spirit.

At the Last Supper, Jesus disciples were arguing about which one of them was the greatest. Jesus humbled himself as a servant. Please listen to Michael Card’s Basin and The Towel:

Climb DOWN the ladder to eternal glory in Jesus.

Shalom, Art

Alive in The Word


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Missouri, USA Married to Marty, 45 years 2 sons (with 2 daughers-in-law) and 2 granddaughters Life dedicated to serving Jesus Christ and delivering the Good News
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7 Responses to Climbing DOWN the Ladder

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  4. granbee says:

    Last evening, at my own church, we studied the 12th Chapter of Romans, where serving others and reaching out to the lowliest and never holding ourselves above anyone, was outlined so very well by Paul. This was such an answer to the prayers of many in my church family that our Methodist church would soon cease to be know as “the last haughty church in town.”

  5. “He who is least among you, the same shall be great” Luke 9:48

    I marvel at what the Lord has achieved through His obedient servants, but it is ALL His work and to Him alone belongs the glory.

    What an amazing God!

  6. Susan Michaels says:

    Reblogged this on LightWriters and commented:
    Christian blessings reminds us of another great truth…

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