Free from the Stronghold of Poverty

Free from the Stronghold of Poverty
Written by Christian author Pola Muzyka

Even a financially wealthy person who puts faith in gold instead of God will  be poor. There is no way to get around it. No amount of money in the world will take away this [type of] poverty.

Buying groceries for the poor in California.

This is a stronghold that has blinded our thinking for generations. Even Christians, overcome by measuring things as wealth, will remain poor for the rest of eternity. Poverty begins in the mind and when it is fully grown, it invites a demon that slowly eats away at the host’s life.

People who are struggling because of lack in their lives through hard times would do well to see the wealth God has provided us through His Word. Whole nations can remain in bondage to this demonic stronghold if left without an understanding of, and submission to, God [in truth].

Hard work and rising early may produce riches, but only faith in God can remove poverty and give true blessings even to the financially poor.

Poverty infects our lives through greed, hopelessness, sorrow, and want. Jesus said the poor will always be with us, but blessed are those who are rich in spirit regardless of their outside appearance.

The Sermon of the Beatitudes (1886-96) by Jame...Image via Wikipedia

5 Biblical tips to overcome poverty:

1. Make it a daily habit to read God’s Word [the Bible]. The closer we get to God, the closer He moves toward us. With God there is no lack.

1 Samuel 2:8 He raises up the poor out of the dust and lifts up the needy from the ash heap, to make them sit with nobles and inherit the throne of glory. For the pillars of the earth are the Lord’s, and He has set the world upon them.

Psalm 9:18 For the needy shall not always be forgotten, and the expectation and hope of the meek and the poor shall not perish forever.

Luke 4:18 The Spirit of the Lord [is] upon Me, because He has anointed Me [the Anointed One, the Messiah] to preach the good news (the Gospel) to the poor; He has sent Me to announce release to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to send forth as delivered those who are oppressed [who are downtrodden, bruised, crushed, and broken down by calamity],

2. Humble yourself to God. He is our provider, the author and finisher of our faith. He has promised never to leave those who love him.

Matthew 5:3 Blessed (happy, to be envied, and spiritually prosperous– with life-joy and satisfaction in God’s favor and salvation, regardless of their outward conditions) are the poor in spirit (the humble, who rate themselves insignificant), for theirs is the kingdom of heaven!

Proverbs 13:7 One man considers himself rich, yet has nothing [to keep permanently]; another man considers himself poor, yet has great [and indestructible] riches.

3. Get understanding and with understanding get wisdom and instruction.

Proverbs 28:11 The rich man is wise in his own eyes and conceit, but the poor man who has understanding will find him out.

Proverbs 13:18 Poverty and shame come to him who refuses instruction and correction, but he who heeds reproof is honored.

4. Do NOT oppress the poor or take advantage of a person because of their poverty. Help wherever there is need and whenever you have it in your hands to help.

Proverbs 28:8 He who by charging excessive interest and who by unjust efforts to get gain increases his material possession gathers it for him [to spend] who is kind and generous to the poor.

Proverbs 22:22-23 Rob not the poor [being tempted by their helplessness], neither oppress the afflicted at the gate [where the city court is held], For the Lord will plead their cause and deprive of life those who deprive [the poor or afflicted].

5. Live a life of integrity, kindness [especially toward those who have less], and love. It’s better to be poor than oppressive.

Proverbs 28:6 Better is the poor man who walks in his integrity than he who willfully goes in double and wrong ways, though he is rich.

Proverbs 17:5 Whoever mocks the poor reproaches his Maker, and he who is glad at calamity shall not be held innocent or go unpunished.

Proverbs 19:1 BETTER IS a poor man who walks in his integrity than a rich man who is perverse in his speech and is a [self-confident] fool.

Psalm 22:26 The poor and afflicted shall eat and be satisfied; they shall praise the Lord–they who [diligently] seek for, inquire of and for Him, and require Him [as their greatest need]. May your hearts be quickened now and forever!

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2 Responses to Free from the Stronghold of Poverty

  1. granbee says:

    Steps 4 and 5 are so very well explained here: serving the poor and kindness to ALL, regardless of socioeconomic status.

  2. speaklife1 says:

    Excellent message!

    Minister Glenda

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