Dear Friends in Christ and all Seekers:

Please enjoy this reblogged post from “Thoughts from the Porch”, about how Jesus is our No. 1 “Go-To” Guy!
As many of you know, I grew up on a farm. We had a huge front porch that would have easily made three small rooms in another house! The porch was my childhood retreat center. There, I mulled over all the ups and downs of my day. Many times, a visiting grandparent would take my hand and lead me into family bedtime prayers inside. When I read this post, it was as though Jesus was still talking to me on that front porch!
Bless you all, dear brothers and sisters.
Granbee Rose.

About granbee

writer,grandmother,gardener, dog trainer, dreampainter, hiker, sometimes pianist
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  1. ptl2010 says:

    Hmm! I missed it too Granbee! He is my “Go-to-Guy” as well as my “Go-Go-Guy”for I go only when He says “Go” even when others says “Stop!” as He glorifies Himself, opens the way and leads.

    • granbee says:

      I love your comment hear about Jesus being your “Go-Go-Guy”. Yes, I find myself “going” quite breathless when I hear His voice!

  2. By the way, Clean House is one of my favorite shows. I enjoyed both versions of your blog! 🙂

    • granbee says:

      Christina, I am so glad you so sweetly supported this reblogged post here. I just could not resist Jesus imaged as a “Go-To Guy”, because He surely is for me!

  3. granbee says:

    I truly regret that this reblogged post “missed the mark” here at Christian Blessings. I find that I go for inspiration, rather than teaching, in my search for Christian posts. I request all your prayers as I continue to search for how to “sing” more harmoniously in your “choir” at Christian Blessings.

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